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who did this to you sonny boy

is this who you are or would you like a choice

can you hear me boy or am i wasting my time

some luminous lizard will eat you down the line

have some tree of knowledge boy its gonna make you a star

or even better yet , try this little chocolate bar

it will make you speak to animals and chickens

are you looking in the mirror , whats that noise in your head

sonny boy you biscuit wheres my purple dot ,you also saw the balls bouncing did you not

you even saw the bush become a crowd of note

for that slowboat of freedom is sinking down my throat

sonny boy watch out , you gonna need a friend tonight

the bridge is still far my friend , here take my guiding light

you have to be brave to be brave sonny boy

lets go win this fight

Grey Boy

how was i suppose to know that all of this is the killing kind

monday blues , mellow moods , the dooby days are lingering in my mind

red roosters YEAH !! or is it speed maybe some kinda poppie seed

mixem good dont be naive, we gonna see the walls breath

your lights are running on a line , but your lines are running out of light

wheres my grey boy why must i wait , cant you see im bloody late

this room is like a puzzle i cant find my way ,i cant talk right now im in a fuzzle

dont leave me here i cant drive

the devils on my back , this bizniz is rive

hows about a gram , come and fly with me

i’ll show you the door to ecstasy

so smoke me gently smoke me nice , i know you’ll be back once or twice

mtwa at the hole

mtwa at the hole

just another day in mtwa at the hole

you gonna find nothing here

just the slobber and the fear

The blind Beggar

She sat by the roadside head bent low.

At the sound of footsteps, her eager hand darts out.

She doesn’t raise her eyes.
Tightly curled knots form a tight cap
That snugly fits the dome of her head.

The timeless hiss of fat tyres
Forms the background symphony of her day,
Still her head bends low.

As the hiss fades and the steady crunch of a step is heard,
She looks up,
Vacuous eyes staring unseeing at the thick blanket of darkness.
The startling blue of the African skies
Doesn’t soften the thick blanket folded across her eyes.

She doesn’t blink.
Slowly her head drops to her chest
Her hand creeps back to its fold.
One more moment has passed…
Is there anybody there?