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Whose territory is this that I have landed upon?
Bad odours of lack decorating the sky,
Global eruptions of unfertile soil birthed on the map of Earth.
Conformed mindsets exuding a stink of non-renewed attitudes have
Sunken into the swamp of poverty.
Hope has gone missing; witnesses have lost their wit
The descent of heavenly riches has ceased.

The economy tumbles down the highway
Stumbling with every attempt of reaching the clouds.
Captives ensnared in the slough have failed to believe,
Relinquished on speaking the treasures into life
All because someone called Situation silenced them.
They adopted a withered belief; their lips gave birth to contaminated words
Accompanied with their gruesome breath as evidence of hunger.
Circumstance who are you to illegally possess their faith!

My goodness! Is this reality!
Anorexia has won the title of new skinny.
The latest face of heaven is Makeup.
Pretty princesses have sold in to lies,
Traded their beauty that truly radiated from what lies beneath
For a fantasy compiled of illusion; tears are their silent lullaby.
They awaken themselves with traces of salt on their cheeks,
Attempting to dehydrate their bodies hoping they would shrink
Into the size zero model pants.

Their footsteps on the ground bring out a wail from mother Earth
As they sow their hurts unto her,
Exerting all force to keep internal wounds suppressed under their feet
To remain invisible to the naked eye of the world.
Eliminating their unacceptable self according to worldly scales,
All because media deemed them not worth the beauty title.
Child, were you not affirmed at conception as the best pottery?
Entertainment industry, who are you to illicitly possess their crown!

Now this is trickery at its best!
Sheep have transformed into goats,
Shed their skin layers, bleached out their skin colour
To exclude themselves from the connotations of dark pigmentation.
Since when has the potter painted his pottery and made a distinction
That black shall be of less value than white.
If deception is black and you thought it looked like you,
Then your thought process was quite compromised.

Clarity has disclosed that you are the light but
Deception duped you and rendered your thoughts deceitful
You assessed your external self carnally and compared it to his
You glanced bitterly at yourself when truth is you’d been declared salty.
A difference in complexions meant not that
Your light was dimmer or that his was brighter
Goats created lines between colours, but Peace is colour-blind and his love is undivided.
Racism who on kingdom-come are you to steal unity from humanity!

This deteriorating earthly suit I wear blazes
With affection for Greed, the number one enemy.
One-night-stands with over-indulgence in strong spirits,
Raising ghosts of a cirrhotic liver; years of huffing and puffing out
Smoke like a chimney, oblivious to the balloons popping in my airbags;
Bugs find it attractive, STIs want it punished, cancer wants it murdered,
Crime wants it imprisoned, storms want it ravaged, and rage wants it to explode.
Flesh why do you encourage my downfall?

Seduction has disguised itself with an aroma of innocence
Waiting to entice the flesh-led into its claws,
Even the elite are lured into the tug of war between good and evil
Gradually being conditioned to believe
In the impossibilities of resisting Lust;
Grooms unfaithfully satisfy desires hidden in their dungeons
Brides become banks granting lies as valid deposits.
Divorce is the mistress that secretly crept into their blankets.
Divorce do you not know the sum of the formula of marriage?

Relationships have become webbed as they were termed “too complicated”,
They complicated from relations on conditions of “no strings attached”
Fears of committing steered the escape from courtship
Encouraging the ideology that their hearts
Would be spared from sorrow and attacks,
Yet numerous soul ties result like a bow tie, bound by spiritual ropes
Evidently existing in the unseen, but denied in the scientific.
Polygamists proclaimed this custom as an expression of abounding love
Even better, young men adopted the trend and called it swag

Like oxygen, they would not survive in its absentia,
Faithfulness, why has lust given you a veil of unbelief?
A new Jezebel has emerged, possessing the concealed truth that she wears the pants.
With every strike she serves to kill;
People have been tormented by her in their own bodies
As she jabs with her sting into every CD4 human defence cell and
Leaves it to die an undignified death;
Many were not deserving of her cruelty,

Countless souls sought without ceasing,
Looking to the skies for a cure to shower down
They stood firm on ice-cold ground
Their gaze fixed upon the heavens.
One questions the reality of divine power
While the other dressed in hypocrisy
Questions the reality of divine healing
Disease! Surrender your weapons and bow down to the Physician!

There is abundance to the dreadful issues
Calling out for further exploration but
My feet are bruised from treading on sharp-edged rocks,
My eyes have accommodated too much light threatening my sight,
My nose has been stung repetitively by lies suspended in the air,
My ears still longing for answers that have not been uttered,
My time may have expired but deep in the chambers of my heart
A magnifying glass is still treasured.
Believe against status quo, and see what lies beneath
Or you may well be…beneath the lies!

Girl, You Should Have Known Better

Girl you should have known better than to leave me on my own;

Now that fame has called my name you’re blowing up my phone;

I’m not saying this with any bad intent;

But hindsight is always 20/20 so I’m glad you left;


You became the inspiration I found in my despair when you went;

Numeorus times I tried to change your mind and you ignored me and refused to listen;You want to make time for me now?, girl so what’s changed, I can’t see the difference;

All those times I came to your house broken and in tears;


Begging for one more chance, cries you didn’t want to hear;

I tried to explain my love for you and you just didn’t want to know;

You saw me in pain with tears scarring my face yet you told me to hurry up and go;

Cause some other guy was coming to pick you up now;


I couldn’t believe you were that cold;

You saw me hurting and you didn’t even show my any sympathy at all;

Now you expect me to answer your call;

Nights I could hardly sleep, didn’t think I would rise from this fall;


Night after night, I was haunted by thoughts;

Of you and him making love as my tears made holes in the cold floor;

It took me forever and a day to recover;

Trying to understand why you left me for another;


How could the one who once owned my soul;

Now turn around and treat me like an unknown?;

You used to tell me I was less than nothing but girl I found my feet on my own;

I am not angry, I forgave you years ago;


I just never want to hear from someone who could treat another so cold;

You’re a master manipulator, I wish I knew;

Girl if the devil had a sister, she would be you;

I’m not vengeful, I’m a man of peace;


I’m only returning the gift you once gave me;

Let this man you called a nothing educate you about life so you know;

Always treat everyone equal, treat the cleaner like you would the CEO;

Cause one day their roles might swap, when, you really don’t know;


You once told me I was a fool, underestimating my potential, never leaving room for me to grow;

But I made it alone, so girl I’m pushing this red button on my phone;

And repaying you for the times you were so ruthless and just ignored;

Hear the beep as I now have the power to reject your call….

Letter to my daddy

Dear Daddy
I woke up last night and saw you in the kitchen drinking juice with Mommy, but Mommy said I should go back to bed right now because you were tired and you couldn’t talk. But you looked so different daddy with that huge beard, but I guess I was still sleepy. Why didn’t you come to hug me daddy and tuck me in as always?
Mommy slept late and when I came to wake her up the door was locked. I cried and cried because you always said I could come in when I am scared. Mommy spoke through the door. I should stop crying because I would wake you up. She said I should go back to bed and she would send you in when I was quiet. I am sorry I fell asleep and didn’t see you come in. When I woke again you were gone. Mommy said you only had one day and had to catch the flight back to fight the war.
I love it when you send me letters as you know I love to read, but Mommy said you were too busy to write. She said she gets very lonely at times and she misses you. I miss you too daddy. Mommy got a new hair cut yesterday. I asked her if you were coming and she looked sad. She said she just wanted to look pretty. She wanted to feel good, just for herself.
Mommy said I could sleep over at Nala’s house. She said she would pick me up but I got tired of waiting and decided to walk home. I know where Mommy hides the key so I let myself in. Daddy, I could see that you had come back because I saw your boots in the lounge. I put them on and stomped around. I wanted to kick all those bad men who want to fight you. Don’t let them hurt you daddy, you know Mommy and I would miss you so much.
Mommy got angry when she saw me in your boots. She shouted at me when I told her I missed you so much, I just wanted to feel close to you. She said I had strange ideas. Do you think so Daddy?
Mommy threw the boots out and said men were all the same, they walked in and made a mess. I know you don’t do that daddy because you always but your boots on the shoes rack.
Daddy I have to stop now. Mommy read my later and said you are going to be too sad when you read my letter. She said I should write and tell you all about school. I am going to throw this away and write a new one, or perhaps I will save this until you come. I miss you Daddy so if you come back when I am sleeping, could you wake me? Please?
I love you Daddy.
PS. Daddy, could you cut your beard? I prefer you without it, but, I will still love you if you don’t. I don’t want the enemy to recognise you.

I knew I loved you before I met you

Your curious eyes stare at me in wonder,
Like a scared little animal before you wail out in fear when I take you.
I hold you gently to my chest, feeling your tiny heartbeat slow down,
Your tears subside and your body calms.
Your head resting on my shoulder while I sooth you.
For you this is scary right now and I want to take away all your fears.
In time you”ll have questions, insecurities, anger and feelings of loss,
And for those days, I will be there for you.
To make you feel safe and help you fight your demons,
even when we fight each other.
For I knew I loved you before I met you.