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Gift Within You (Dedicated To Ronald “Ronnie” Cloete)

Ronald “Ronnie” Cloete;

I never told you that I’m glad I met you;

Maybe at first we weren’t close but I was changed by the little things you used to do;

There was a reason that we met;


Im yet to find out why, I’m not sure yet;

Your presence commanded my respect;

It’s something I just couldn’t forget;

I’ve met alot of people but somehow you were just different;


You caught me off guard my nigga and demanded my attention;

Normally when people speak I just switch off, but your swift words made me listen;

I know your struggle;

The way that bitch did you and left your heart in trouble;


But we’re thugs so it’s all good, God destined us to meet so I could ease your pain and doubt;

I was there before, I’ve been ran through so many times my nigga I’ve lost count;

Out of all the people I’ve met along the way;

You are the only one who could make me laugh the tears away;


Well I guess you never knew my soul was scared , my smile was fake;

It was my way of subsiding the pain;

Alot have considered me a friend when I considered them aquintences;

But I knew you from the get go you were different;


Talent undiscovred, I realised in an instant;

I dont give a fuck what people say;

People are the reason the world is this way;

I can see your gift, pain opened up my eyes to realise and see hidden angel wings;


You were born with them my nigga, just stay true, always put God first and do your thing;

Ronnie, you’re one of a kind;

Your talent is something others have to work hard just to do, I won’t lie;

Nigga never accept “NO”;


People are jealous, they just want to prevent your growth;

They once did me the same, nigga trust me I know;

So take it from me;

Find your gift and cultivate it and you’ll succeed;


Your success was not based on peoples perception;

It was a gift from God even before your conception;

My nigga you inspire me because of your never ending smile and happiness;

You motivated me when I was depressed;


Ronnie although you never knew, you are one of the reasons I finally found success

Eight Minutes From Park Station

Trust hummed the tune to “My Redeemer Lives” as he turned the corner into Rissik Street. The unwieldy weight of his spruce-top acoustic guitar danced across his back with each step. Trust always played back each song on the playlist in his head and reminded himself of what chords he needed to play and the changes in the strumming pattern at each section of the song. By the time he got to the last song, which was usually after about twenty minutes, he would be at Commissioner Street, in the safer part of Johannesburg. It was a nerve-wrecking experience, every Saturday, having to walk down Rissik Street whilst trying not to show just how terrified he was. He was eight minutes away from Park Station and halfway through song number three, “Take it all” when five, maybe six, unkempt boys who looked older than they should, surrounded him.

A short one stood in front of him placing his face uncomfortably close to his.”We don’t want to talk shit with you, just give us the phone, Baba,” he said.

Trust stuttered, “I, I don’t have a… ” He felt a sharp object press into his lower abdomen and complied. As the thugs fled in different directions, Trust took panicked breaths and, for the first time, smelled the stale alcohol from the short thug’s breath, and something else. White spots appeared in his eyes, blocking more and more of what he should have been seeing. Then black ones, yellow ones and red ones. He felt faint, and felt himself fall to the ground as a capacious pain shot out from where the knife had poked him. “At least they didn’t take my guitar,” he thought, as he fell to the pavement in slow motion. He heard the hollow thump of his guitar hitting the pavement, and then he heard nothing.