Archives for November 4, 2013

Succeed The Key Is Within

I wasn’t born to be the best;

I just never gave up, decided to be different from all the rest;

I don’t beg, I command respect;

If you believe otherwise then you don’t know me yet;


With every rejection, I just kept on and eventually I passed the test;

From a man who fianlly made it, never listen to what people say, just keep doing you;

They live to see you fail and that’s the cold truth;

Our future is in the youth;


Set your mind free from people’s opinions cause it doesn’t define you or what you do;

Talent almost overlooked, Thierry Henry & 2pac just to name a few;

They just needed one person to believe in what they do;

They never gave up, they kept it real, kept it true;


They knew who were they were and embraced it, they found their true value;

They became legends, the next legend could be you;

Most people don’t embrace the gifts they have;

They are afraid of what people think, other than death this makes me even more sad;


Each person is special, one of a kind, so search within and find what makes you unique;

Be the best you, God made you perfect even if you can’t see;

Those things people name your flaws are what God calls your best attributes;

Take the worlds ways and do the opposite cause the world has twisted views;


Get to know yourself and stop immatating those that surround you;

You’ll be surprised to find people respect those that remain true;

Before I pass I want to see a world without pretenders and fakes;

If we all just let go and be who we were born to be someday;

Watch out, it’s gonna be a miracle that the world could never take even less anticipate

Holla If You Feel Me

Stress and constant trials;

Can I have peace for a little while;

And go back to better days and easier times;

I’m lost within this battlefield in my mind;


Haunted by scars left by my past hidden behind my smile;

Tears and regret like a shadow are frequent companions of mine;

Lost in this life of solitude;

Wishing to be with you;


But I know having you around is no good;

My pain is overbearing and the reason is you;

I’m not the same as I used to be;

Doing time for us in this prison within;


Can’t escape this deathrow cause I can’t run away from me;

Haunted by our good memories;

The hurt you caused has made me blind cause it’s all I seem to see;

Searching for an escape cause I want to be free;


This prison cell makes it hard to breathe;

Asking God for some relief;

No flesh just bone left cause I’m constantly on my knees;

Searching for a genie to grant my wish;


I need only one even though I’m afforded three;

My only wish to set my captive soul free;

Or a trip to Heaven to make sure God can hear me;

So holla if you feel me