Archives for November 3, 2013


why am i so angry , this cant be good for me & i

i might have a chip on my shoulder , but dont scream at me

you will die

i always start off with the best intensions , then the smallest thing

brings out the vengeance

i pray to god to keep me calm , it works for a while

till the beast inside me turns back the dial

i dont know what is turning my days into night

so ive decided to put it on black and white

maybe this way i can rid my demons , i hope there arent to many

i really just want real friends not for a nickle and a penny

does anyone know what is wrong with me or is this who i am

i dont want people thinking that i am just a sham

i know i have to work at it and thats a fact

i cant be going around being a hartless act

theres a sofness inside of me , i can see it now

i will win this fight i just dont know how

ill just keep praying to my god of choice

and keep on working on my tone of voice

a anger class or two might do the trick

who knows i might just meet a friend there

or throw someone with a brick