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Sparked Mind

“I’m not saying I’m gonna change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world”, that’s what 2pac said;

He sparked mine and I’m going to carry on where he left off before his death;

I’m like a well, when you think you reached the bottom I leave you with more questions;


He ignites my mind like a match;

So I grab a pen and pad;

I go blind and let him do his thing cause alone I can’t;

I awake to rhymes of truth that flow like mad;


People ask where these words come from cause they can’t understand;

How I always get better with every verse I land;

How can an uneducated, street thug and mortal man;

Write words that nobody else can;


I speak the truth with every verse live so everyone knows where I stand;

Jealous bitches and envious nigga’s hate me cause I do what they can’t;

I’m going to keep doubling up and doubling up till these niggas kill me and that’s that;

No one person can stay in the same spot forever, that’s a sucker;


And those who feed of the next one is a vulture;

I’m here to get my own, cause I’m a hustler;

I’m on another level always moving up through my struggle;

Jealous bitches and envious niggas try to kill me because they see me as trouble;


I’ve set the bar too high;

So they can’t reach it no matter how hard they try;

When I die I want to leave not just a memory but a legacy behind;

I was sent to spit the truth and educate blinded minds;


But I know when I make it and my name is associated with fame;

Jealous nigga’s are going to try and kill me to take me out the game;

Money can make lazy niggas stumble and fall;

They want to take it easy and not endure the struggle I did before I had it all;


I want to go around the board as many times as I can everyday;

Cause I know one day they going to shut down the game;

In the hood they get jealous when you’re made;

They assume you’ve forgotten from where you once came;


But they don’t know that I’ve never changed;

I remained true no matter what came;

Those who know me well know I’ve only become better but still remained the same;

But I got to watch my back, it’s a dirty game;


Money never changed me it’s never been the case;

Most of those I knew in the hood threw me away;

Only a few stayed true, those are the ones I’m taking up with me to fame;

I don’t care if foul niggas take my life someday;


While I’m alive I’m going to make this world a better place;

With words of truth I want to uplift my niggas trapped in the hood;

So you don’t need to pray for better days and feel hopeless;

Keep your head up and never loose focus;


I came from the gutter, I was raised by the street all of you know this;

I’ve come to rescue all of you from the bullshit;

Never give up, never give in;

Never listen to the lies jealous people try and spin;


They just can’t bear to see another nigga make it without them;

Just keeping on keeping on and you’ll eventually win;

I’m an angel born with broken wings, sent by God to endure the hood life you’re living;

Born white but sent to understand the struggles you’re feeling;


Now I can let the world know the truth and make the white people listen;

I know they never did cause of this “coloureds are nothing” thinking;

But I’m their son so they can’t just throw me away and keep pretending;

It’s time they see the life they forced us to be living;


My skin may be light but my soul is brown;

My blood is red but my heart is hood grown;

I’m here to represent the “Bruin Ou’s”;

So keep this in mind before you write me off;


I’m a reply to all the prayers sent from the streetlights every night;

God never turned His face away;

He was just setting up the stage;

He needed me to endure the struggles you niggas face;


So I can change the cycle of pain so it ends;

I wondered why wherever I went I could never fit in;

God told me if I did fit in, I could never be a leader of men;

So He made me a mixed breed so when I speak people will listen;


I’m an angel in disguise can’t you see;

I’m about to spread my wings;

To give this world the truth that they have been searching for;

I know they are sick of the fake people and the lies they’ve been sold

Girl I Can See

Girl I can see the pain in your eyes;

I know how it hurts inside;

Your smile tries but can’t hide the tears you’ve cried;

I can see it cause I used to be like your guy;


I know he can’t see your wings;

But they are clear to me;

One day he will wake up and see;

But it’ll be too late to do anything;


I know cause I once was a foolish man;

I can relate to him, I did the same so I understand;

I had an angel just like you;

But she up and left cause I acted like a fool;


Thought she was easy to replace;

That was years ago yet I’m alone today;

Any woman can wear a ring but not any woman can be a wife, real wife’s are heaven made;

Most are bitches hurt by guys in the same way;


I don’t want you to join that cycle of pain;

You deserve more than to be done that way;

Now I ain’t trying to mack you and steal you away;

I’ve been cheated on and I’d never do anyone the same;


I just want you to know your worth;

And not believe the lies his telling you or think love is based on bieng hurt;

My mamma brought my up oldschool, I’m a gentleman;

I ain’t a vulture trying to take away another brother’s woman;


My best friend macked mine;

So these words are not a pick-up line;

I just want you to follow your heart but not forget your mind;

You’re one of a kind;


I love my sisters, even as friends;

I want the best for all of them;

I love my brothers too;

But I don’t agree with the things they do;


Some call me a playa hater, some say I’m a bitch nigga;

But I’m sick of the ways good women get treated;

Then they take revenge on the next guy they meet;

And sometimes that guy is me;


I want to change this cycle of pain;

I’m sick of things bieng this way;

So I’m just telling you the truth;

And know that you’re wanted by other men too;


Don’t let him make you think you can’t survive on your own;

I want you to know you’re worth more than gold;

So you can be happy and free;

And get treated like a queens supposed to be


My Time To Shine

Considered just a nobody nigga lost in the game;

Overlooking my tommorows till they finally came;

Mamma prayed for God to bless her only child;

Now all she got to do is sit back collect my riches and smile;


My every move is a calculated step;

My mind is like a game of chess always anticipating what’s next;

Always doubling up my game to stay one step ahead;

Never gave up even when all I heard was no;


Now it’s time to blaze the world with my words of flow;

To my nigga’s that stay high just to maintain, I understand the pain,nigga I know;

But I ain’t got far too go;

I’m keeping that promise I made back before we were even grown;


As I move up, we move up as one;

You never gave up on me and picked me up from every fall;

With every rise, wiped the tears from my eyes and I came back even stronger than before;

See I’ve been in this game since 2001;


Now I sit and wonder if the world is ready for my mother’s celebrity son;

To all the bitches and bitch niggas from my past that said I’d never be what I’ve finally become;

That just used me and lied;

Who broke my heart, saw my tears and  smiled;


That said I was nothing but a big waste of time;

Who threw me aside when I treated you like one of a kind;

Who left me for dead never thinking I’d ever rise;

You may have laughed back then when I cried;


But baby I’ve come to let you know, it’s finally my time to shine