My Time To Shine

Considered just a nobody nigga lost in the game;

Overlooking my tommorows till they finally came;

Mamma prayed for God to bless her only child;

Now all she got to do is sit back collect my riches and smile;


My every move is a calculated step;

My mind is like a game of chess always anticipating what’s next;

Always doubling up my game to stay one step ahead;

Never gave up even when all I heard was no;


Now it’s time to blaze the world with my words of flow;

To my nigga’s that stay high just to maintain, I understand the pain,nigga I know;

But I ain’t got far too go;

I’m keeping that promise I made back before we were even grown;


As I move up, we move up as one;

You never gave up on me and picked me up from every fall;

With every rise, wiped the tears from my eyes and I came back even stronger than before;

See I’ve been in this game since 2001;


Now I sit and wonder if the world is ready for my mother’s celebrity son;

To all the bitches and bitch niggas from my past that said I’d never be what I’ve finally become;

That just used me and lied;

Who broke my heart, saw my tears and  smiled;


That said I was nothing but a big waste of time;

Who threw me aside when I treated you like one of a kind;

Who left me for dead never thinking I’d ever rise;

You may have laughed back then when I cried;


But baby I’ve come to let you know, it’s finally my time to shine


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