Holla If You Feel Me

Stress and constant trials;

Can I have peace for a little while;

And go back to better days and easier times;

I’m lost within this battlefield in my mind;


Haunted by scars left by my past hidden behind my smile;

Tears and regret like a shadow are frequent companions of mine;

Lost in this life of solitude;

Wishing to be with you;


But I know having you around is no good;

My pain is overbearing and the reason is you;

I’m not the same as I used to be;

Doing time for us in this prison within;


Can’t escape this deathrow cause I can’t run away from me;

Haunted by our good memories;

The hurt you caused has made me blind cause it’s all I seem to see;

Searching for an escape cause I want to be free;


This prison cell makes it hard to breathe;

Asking God for some relief;

No flesh just bone left cause I’m constantly on my knees;

Searching for a genie to grant my wish;


I need only one even though I’m afforded three;

My only wish to set my captive soul free;

Or a trip to Heaven to make sure God can hear me;

So holla if you feel me


  1. hi kribo

    returnofthered here

    i have to ask u where are u , and what do u do , i just started writing lately and have read all your stuff

    you are truly talented and im glad to see u found your way

    i can relate to some of your writing

    it seems you have a lot to say

    been around the block a few times

    im not stalking u or anything

    just trying to make a friend

    i live in south africa durban and im a recovering alcaholic

    just keep writing man

    this shit is good for us

    maybe u can also crit me , it would be nice to have someone recognize my writing as ive been on this

    writing works for a while and aint getting any crit

    maybe u can help me somehow

    and lastly

    has anyone ever asked to use your stuff for songs and stuff

    i think it will work man

    someone gonna see this one day and hopefully u will make millions man

    anyway cheers for now

    im babbling to much

    over and out


    • Thanks brother, I have just been recognized by a publishing company that has offered me a contract, i signed it yesterday, I am going to release a book soon called “Life In My Own Words” with my poetry in, my aim is to inspire others and change the world one heart at a time……

    • I am from Jozi my nigga

  2. @returnofthered i wrote a poem just for you, i want you to know, fuck people and what they think, they just jealous, they dont want to see you grow, if I listened to them I wouldn’t be here, I feel you so this poem is for you, ima type it here before i goes live cause you inspire me, you are the reason I write, not for money or fame, but to help those who are stuck in the game, this is why I was sent hope you like it, and fuck the crits, you just stay true and be the best you, God don’t make mistakes, what the world considers your flaws God considers your best attributes, I love you brother, I came from a nobody nigga but i just kept true, I embraced the me God made and said fuck people, you will make it i you just be you and not depress who you are to impress others in the end when you die it’s only you and God, so what are you gonna say when He asks why you werent who he made you and you tried to be someone else, a hosepipe cant be a lawn mower, even if it tries it only frustrates it’s self, same with humans you can only be free if you are what you were made to be, be you my nigga this one is just for you:

    I feel ya my nigga (Dedicated to returnofthered)

    Today you were heavy on my mind;
    Try to pretend but your struggles are the same as mine;
    Why is life a struggle then you die;
    Questions I ask, I stay high just to maintain;
    Looking for inspiration in bottles and lines;
    Life constantly in the fast lane;

    Drinking just to subside my pain;
    Nobody understand cause they haven’t been scarred this way;
    This one is dedicated to my nigga “returnofthered”;
    Stay true , the world ain’t ready for you yet;

    God has His own time, I’ve been doing this since 2001;
    Never accept no my nigga, do you and never imitate anyone;
    Do like me and switch the world out and put 2pac on;

    That’s where I get all my inspiration from;
    Find the gift God gave you before you were born and your mamma called you son;
    Cultivate it and make it your passion;
    Follow your passion and it will lead to your purpose;

    Then you will know why you were destined to walk this earth;
    My nigga I feel your pain, I’ve been cursed since birth;
    Alcohol and drugs are a motivation, it don’t determine your worth;
    Don’t let them control you, use it to your advantage;

    Let them set your mind free;
    And you will be able to write as epic as me;
    I’ve been there so I understand your struggle;
    Let your addiction work for you that way you avoid trouble;
    You will make a difference;
    You only need one understanding ear too listen;

    I feel you, my ears are open, so never let the world see you sweat;
    They put me down every single day but I made it without them;
    Those who never cared now chase me;
    So listen to what I am saying, you’re a thug, an O’g;

    So my nigga just stay true;
    Be the best you;
    If you need a hand, mind will always be open just for you

    • no words man, no words.

      God bless you !

      Thx for taking time out of your life to do this for me.

      I will keep on going one day at a time and i feel i gained a friend so

      today is a good day

      SHANDEES BRU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. My bra, i never once since when i started writing thought i am gonna use this to be famous, na i never knew i was a gift, it just came natural, only later in life i saw i was born with it, my aim now that im recognized to make it about me na, it’s not about me, God gave this gift to me to do His work, not mine, I do this for people like you, I want to be your voice, voice of the people, the underdogs, cause I once was an underdog, you cant understand anothers struggle if you never felt it, so what ive felt ima voice, im here for those who cant be, the fame stage is not for me, how can i be selfish with a gift that i was given for free, I am going to change the world the way I can, with words, if I dont try whats the point, if I try and fail i just try again, people dont determine my success, God does, if they say no, im like a river, i flow around them, only if God says it’s over then its over, I live for people like you, thats why i too the time to holla back, you cant let fame change you, never forget who blessed you and thats God, as fast as He gave it to me he can take it away, I gotta do what He says I must do, I gotta write what He says I must regardless if I think it will sell, its not in my hands, He determines if my book will sell, I’ll rather follow Him blindly and succeed than follow peoples opinons and fail, Humans best wisdom is like God’s dumbest thought, @returnofthered , one piece of advice I want to to take to heart, put God first in all you do, no matter how small you think it is, if you cook ask him to help anything, the bible says “Seek first the kingdom of God”, that dont mean once that means everyday in all you do, I speak to God like his here, in my car when i walk in all I do, sounds stupid to people, but guess what Im successful in all I do and people wonder why, the bible is simple, monkey see monkey do, people complicate it.

    I asked God what I should tell you, here it is , you tell me if I am crazy ” My son I know you,I see your struggle, I catch every tear, you think I am not there, but I am, you are the one who is not there, you ask me why things are like they are, I am there all the time, I am waiting for you, I cannot do anything unless you ask me to, not demand, but ask, ask then give it to me without worrying about it, you push me aside because you dont trust me, then look at me and blame me, Faith is about trust, I cannot change that which you dont ask then give me fully, I am a gentleman, if you give me a problem give it to me without worrying or you havent given me the problem, I cannot answer your prayers even if I hear them, if you have unforgiveness in your heart, my word is based on laws and satan knows them better than anyone, I am just, I bless the just and unjust, let go and let me in, I love you my child I cry with you in your struggle but I cannot help if you are in the way, fix yourself then give me your hand, forgive, forgivness was a gift i gave you for yourself, to set yourself free, its not about the other party, forgivness sets you free, I havent forgotten you, my soldier has followed my instruction and said what I asked Him, before you doubt know He is a vessel, I gave him wisdom, he has blind faith, a vessel, regardless of what people think he puts me first and not his ego, I sent him, nothing just happens, you met for this purpose so I could answer your prayers in a way you can see, to remove doubt, this verse I give to you memorise it keep it in your heart, you have a gift, find it, it will lead to your purpose, Jeremiah 1:5 :”Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”

    @returnofthered, i just told you what God wanted me to, if Im wrong its fine I follow my King not me, let me tell you something one person told me when I was a gangsta, “You gave the world a chance to fail, it failed you all the time, give Jesus the same chance to fail and see” my nigga I did in 2005, He hasnt failed me once, not once, even against all odds, even if you have doubt, here i am living proof and Im telling you, HE NEVER FAILED ME ONCE< WHEN THE WORLD WROTE ME OFF AND I WROTE MYSELF OFF, God still made a way!!!! I got your back, keep doing you my nigga

  4. i hear you!! and i took it all in, and i agree with all u say

    i all ready have GOD on my side.

    i will not be here if he wasnt , i must have a purpose , i will succeed !!!!!!!!!!!

    SO FEW

    we are the chosen ones , why are we so few.

    to many people with blinkers

    whilst we standing in the queue

    we share to make a difference , we should be shouting out His Name

    every day i pray and say

    His is the King of my game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. @returnofthered i am brutally honest, so don’t offense, rather take what I say and up your game, your rhyming is good, but it needs more substance, it lacks body, you need to put it together not focus only on the rhyming, its good dont get me wrong, but it must impact a person so they read it over and over and keeping finding something new everytime they read it, its hard but i know you can do it, but i like it kinda like this :

    The Love Letter
    September 2, 2013 at 11:30am

    Nailed on an old rugged cross;
    Held not by nails but by love;
    You could have removed the nails with one prayer;
    But with love you held on out of care;

    With a sword that Roman soldier pierced Your side;
    His sword was a letter opener, releasing love before You died;
    Thank You for that day;
    That act of love set me free from being a slave;

    Allowed room for change;
    I can stop running away from my past;
    Peace at last;
    You were more than just a man;

    Because of Your blood, from every fall I can stand;
    More than just a friend;
    Stick closer than a brother;
    So when everyone else leaves, you’re there till the end;

    Even though I sin everyday;
    I can run to You and You wash my guilt away;
    Thank You for the tears;
    You replaced the pain with love removing all doubt and fear;

    You heal places deep within;
    Places I was broken by the world over and over again;
    Your death was Your love letter to me;
    A love so true the world could never give;

    Thank You, I give You my heart;
    Jesus you make my every ending a brand new start…

  6. im all ears , i will work on something just been so busy then send it to u

    cheers kribo chat soon , thx for helping me

    apreciated man

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