Gift Within You (Dedicated To Ronald “Ronnie” Cloete)

Ronald “Ronnie” Cloete;

I never told you that I’m glad I met you;

Maybe at first we weren’t close but I was changed by the little things you used to do;

There was a reason that we met;


Im yet to find out why, I’m not sure yet;

Your presence commanded my respect;

It’s something I just couldn’t forget;

I’ve met alot of people but somehow you were just different;


You caught me off guard my nigga and demanded my attention;

Normally when people speak I just switch off, but your swift words made me listen;

I know your struggle;

The way that bitch did you and left your heart in trouble;


But we’re thugs so it’s all good, God destined us to meet so I could ease your pain and doubt;

I was there before, I’ve been ran through so many times my nigga I’ve lost count;

Out of all the people I’ve met along the way;

You are the only one who could make me laugh the tears away;


Well I guess you never knew my soul was scared , my smile was fake;

It was my way of subsiding the pain;

Alot have considered me a friend when I considered them aquintences;

But I knew you from the get go you were different;


Talent undiscovred, I realised in an instant;

I dont give a fuck what people say;

People are the reason the world is this way;

I can see your gift, pain opened up my eyes to realise and see hidden angel wings;


You were born with them my nigga, just stay true, always put God first and do your thing;

Ronnie, you’re one of a kind;

Your talent is something others have to work hard just to do, I won’t lie;

Nigga never accept “NO”;


People are jealous, they just want to prevent your growth;

They once did me the same, nigga trust me I know;

So take it from me;

Find your gift and cultivate it and you’ll succeed;


Your success was not based on peoples perception;

It was a gift from God even before your conception;

My nigga you inspire me because of your never ending smile and happiness;

You motivated me when I was depressed;


Ronnie although you never knew, you are one of the reasons I finally found success

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