Deader Than You

She walked by slow and, dead as the night,
alive in the glow, but below she was hollow inside.
I gripped my chest and started to bite
teeth through my flesh and left my vision to die.
As she turned, face washed in her pride
my eyes started burning as my body yearned to reply,
skin dripping from this chalice I’m tripping with,
questions in mind
Is this a movie or am I living the lies?
Her lips quivered and burst out in screams
as my ears bled I kept my eyes fixed to the screen.
Hands blistered as I lifted each one to reach,
at thoughts as I saw the beast growing slow in her speech.
Perched on her shoulders, the older she seemed,
and only ever distant yet as distinct as the breeze
as it flowed silent stalking, and violently brought me to my knees.
Ive seen her father the b*st*rd sporting a grin as he leaves.
What am I?
A puppeteer that impregnates the day with my breath?
She has something to say as lungs collapse, and cave in her chest.
Legs give way while she smiles carrying child to the depths,
tears barely wet as her blood finds escape through her neck,
and falls to the floor in pools grasping for help at my legs.
I knelt in her essence, to hear the whispers of death.
“This is it!” I told myself and held her skeleton close to my flesh,
Looked in her eyes and with a stutter i said…
“The world’s lost an angel!” I cry as I turn from the sun
My words were never perfect but you made them feel perfect enough.
Hardly ever there though I always wished that I was.
I’ve lost to this demon yet I’ve seen the fight through.
Searched for an answer and got consumed with the truth.
You may be dying,
but I’m,
still deader than you.

© Myles Dacus 2013


  1. flippen hectic shit bru i digg it , i like the intencenes

    keep writing i will keep reading

  2. So subtle, great words, great imagery.

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