“We complicated” you said

I was no angel, we never waited
We were never meant to be
But still I fell, so deep
You had me wishing for parallel universe
Where I was yours & you were my future

Two broken people can’t fix each other
Our cracks & pieces don’t mend
Only sharp edges left to cut more of me
But I am in love with the pain
Its beautiful
Its toxic
Its me
Its us

Its complicated- you said

The reason u won’t leave her
I sit here holding your darkest nights
And she is your light
I know you are still missing something
I wish I was the one who completed you

So I drink on for us to numb the feelings
Take the high like my first puff
I consume you like a drug
I am addicted to you
I am lost in you
I am you

I am complicated- you said

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