Girl, You Should Have Known Better

Girl you should have known better than to leave me on my own;

Now that fame has called my name you’re blowing up my phone;

I’m not saying this with any bad intent;

But hindsight is always 20/20 so I’m glad you left;


You became the inspiration I found in my despair when you went;

Numeorus times I tried to change your mind and you ignored me and refused to listen;You want to make time for me now?, girl so what’s changed, I can’t see the difference;

All those times I came to your house broken and in tears;


Begging for one more chance, cries you didn’t want to hear;

I tried to explain my love for you and you just didn’t want to know;

You saw me in pain with tears scarring my face yet you told me to hurry up and go;

Cause some other guy was coming to pick you up now;


I couldn’t believe you were that cold;

You saw me hurting and you didn’t even show my any sympathy at all;

Now you expect me to answer your call;

Nights I could hardly sleep, didn’t think I would rise from this fall;


Night after night, I was haunted by thoughts;

Of you and him making love as my tears made holes in the cold floor;

It took me forever and a day to recover;

Trying to understand why you left me for another;


How could the one who once owned my soul;

Now turn around and treat me like an unknown?;

You used to tell me I was less than nothing but girl I found my feet on my own;

I am not angry, I forgave you years ago;


I just never want to hear from someone who could treat another so cold;

You’re a master manipulator, I wish I knew;

Girl if the devil had a sister, she would be you;

I’m not vengeful, I’m a man of peace;


I’m only returning the gift you once gave me;

Let this man you called a nothing educate you about life so you know;

Always treat everyone equal, treat the cleaner like you would the CEO;

Cause one day their roles might swap, when, you really don’t know;


You once told me I was a fool, underestimating my potential, never leaving room for me to grow;

But I made it alone, so girl I’m pushing this red button on my phone;

And repaying you for the times you were so ruthless and just ignored;

Hear the beep as I now have the power to reject your call….

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