Back In Time

Remembering hood days with my niggas surviving the streets;

Drinking cheap liquor underneath park trees;

When life was stress free;

Simple days when friends were friends and not enemies who claimed to be;


When fights were with fists, not with guns or knives;

Where we fought for respect and not to end another nigga’s life;

Before we had money , cars and the finer things;

When our only transport was hiking or taxi’s;


Before drugs became an enemy between friends;

When we all were niggas and didn’t pretend;

Before facebook and whatsapp caused lovers to cheat;

When love wasn’t just a game but a fairytale story;


I miss the days where women had standards and told you when she was done with you;

Not having to have to read body language and assume;

I miss those days of drinking during breaks in highschool;

When hooking up with a girl was easy to do;


But life changed and change too fast;

Wishing I can go back and skip regrets so I can today be free of my past;

Spend more time with my nigga’s who died in a hurry;

And chose to relocate to the cemetery without me;


I wish I could rewind time;

And relive my past days but with my present mind state;

Not to change but just improve the mistakes I’ve made;

I’d just want to enjoy them more then I did back in the day;


I regret nothing,struggles were the reason for who I became;

I just miss my childhood innocence that was stolen away;

This mind, I wish I could take it back in time;

Same knowledge I’ve gained, so I can unbreak the hearts of those I left in pain;


Like that white dude I killed because he was full of race hate;

It wasn’t his fault, he was taught to be that way;

And that nigga I robbed for a stupid 3310;

I just hope today he changed his heart and I’m finally forgiven;


I want to undo the broken hearts I left behind;

That girl I promised forever but just used her for a night;

Babygirl I apologise for my selfish way;

I was too young to understand the damaged I caused until I was done the same;


I want to uplift the youth I lead astray;

Instead of bieng an example I showed them the wrong way;

How to drink and smoke thier pain away;

My young nigga’s that is not the way it’s only a temporary band-aid;


I know i can’t return;

And reverse all the hurt;

But I’m going to help those young niggas who are still to come;

Make them wise early with words of truth unheard;


Words never die even when I pass and I’m covered by cemetry dirt;

I want to make the youth soldiers from birth;

So they can have the life I never had and they can have the life they deserve


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