I Feel Ya (Dedicated to returnofthered)

(Dedicated to returnofthered)

Today you were heavy on my mind;

Try to pretend but your struggles are the same as mine;

Why is life a struggle then you die;

Questions I ask, I stay high just to maintain;

Looking for inspiration in bottles and lines;

Life constantly in the fast lane; Drinking just to subside my pain;

Nobody understand cause they haven’t been scarred this way;

This one is dedicated to my nigga “returnofthered”; Stay true , the world ain’t ready for you yet;

God has His own time, I’ve been doing this since 2001;

Never accept no my nigga, do you and never imitate anyone;

Do like me and switch the world out and put 2pac on;

That’s where I get all my inspiration from;

Find the gift God gave you before you were born and your mamma called you son;

Cultivate it and make it your passion; Follow your passion and it will lead to your purpose;

Then you will know why you were destined to walk this earth;

My nigga I feel your pain, I’ve been cursed since birth;

Alcohol and drugs are a motivation, it don’t determine your worth;

Don’t let them control you, use it to your advantage; Let them set your mind free;

And you will be able to write as epic as me;

I’ve been there so I understand your struggle;

Let your addiction work for you that way you avoid trouble;

You will make a difference;

You only need one understanding ear too listen;

I feel you, my ears are open, so never let the world see you sweat;

They put me down every single day but I made it without them;

Those who never cared now chase me;

So listen to what I am saying, you’re a thug, an O’g;

So my nigga just stay true; Be the best you;

If you need a hand, mind will always be open just for you

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