Stayed True So I Stay True 2 You (Dedicated To Rynel “Niteman” Classen

Mr Niteman;

I thought let me holla at you since you stuck with me before I was a grown man;

You are more than my brother, I consider you part of my fam;

I’m your biggest fan;


Now the world knows my feelings and you know where I stand;

I know your pain, I’ve been there so my nigga I can relate, I understand;

She left you broken and stole your kids;

Don’t worry holla at me I’ll supply all you need;


She is too young to understand, my nigga you mean more than gold to me;

I see your angel wings;

Now that I made it, you never have to want anything;

Just ask and you’ll own everything;


Life has seperated us but you will be my nigga even when I’m old;

You were there before I had anything, stayed real even when I was broke;

You are my homie;

Stuck around before the world knew me;


We spent so much time drinking;

You knew exatcly what I was thinking;

You are stiched like a tattoo on my heart;

I loved you right from the start;


Rynel “Niteman” Classen;

If we die I pray we die together and meet Dru in passing;

People don’t get us, we’re nigga’s, it’s too deep for human understanding;

So even though we are far apart;


You are too close to me so in my mind we are always together;

Ride and die forever;

You were there for me through any kind of weather;

This is my promise to you;


“Smeer me and I smeer you”, I remember those words, they remind me of you;

So as I move up me move up as one, cause when I had nobody my nigga you stayed true;

I can’t pay you back for all the years, but this is my gift back to you.

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