Owe You My Life (Dedicated To Keith “Kat” Van Rooi)

Keith “Kat” Van Rooi;

Do you remember how we used to roll and nigga’s we destroyed;

When we had nothing we were forced to live “Thug Life” cause we were unemployed;

You saved my life so many times;

I never told you but I owe you my life;


Remember that night you spine busted my enemy on the tar road;

I’m famous cause of the seedling you let grow;

My soul died that night those cowards stabbed you and tried to end your life;

I heard the news and rushed to the hospital to be by your side;


In my car praying to God asking to let you surive this time;

Short in size but so is dynamite;

You’re fearless at heart, true hood soldier, never scared to fight;

You were there even before I made it;


So now I am here to give you your share of fame;

You never threw me aside no matter what shit came;

You are my nigga and it will always remain;

Ride and die until the Lord calls your name;


Friends I only have a few,

I call them brothers and that’s what I call you;

When they all walked away you still stayed true;

You are like the brother I never had, thank God everyday He sent a guardian Angel called you;


Don’t give up, our better days finally came;

All those days we hustled just to get some cash;

Are now just a bad memory in the past;

We never have to beg for anything;


My nigga we made it and you are the reason;

Just hold on for a little while;

Tomorrow is coming soon, life will never again be able to steal your smile;

You were there when nobody cared;


So now my fame is our fame, time to collect your share

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