I Wonder

It’s been over a year since last I saw you;

I pretend I don’t miss you but girl I do;

When by chance we meet in passing I act like I don’t notice you and play it cool;

When inside I hope you’ll greet;


I try and act strong when my knees are weak;

And I stumble over my own feet;

I wonder if you really don’t care or like me you’re just pretending;

When you see me by chance does your heart also skip a beat;


Or have I faded like a bad memory;

Do my actions fool you?;

Or can you see right through;

Is my mask coming apart at the seams?;


Or can you see the broken heart I wear on my sleeve?;

Are you holding him and wishing he was me?;

Cause while I’m with her it’s you I see;

Does he also know your heart is in another place;


Cause I’m sure she knows mine is, it’s written all over my face;

Do you try and dial my number when it should be erased?;

I sometimes dial yours even though I know your number changed;

I stay out all night trying to drink my pain away;


Do you also come home at sunrise;

Feeling more alone even though you partied all night?;

Do we also meet in your dreams and you cry when you wake;

These are the things I wonder when by chance we meet;


Do you also pretend or are you really over me….

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