Gambling Man

I’l believe it when I see it,

When I’m left still breathing in death,

like light whispers that whisk the life from my breath,

slightly frail, ailed demons seem at peace in this bed,

but belief in my dreams, sprouting deceit in my depths,

it’s doubled the numbers but divided the rise of the blessed,

and I’l be damned if I chance dancing with this noose round my neck,

but it’s pure as the truth, that proves I’m used to this pen,

and says I’m who? Questions the I in life and how I survive through this text,

gambled this debt rolling dice to the sound of my life entwined in the bet,

how my heart cried when this art came to collect,

and how am I supposed to smile with this fucking price on my head?

It tripled the sixes, to double or nothing and I’m left with nothing to give,

troubled by days, these demons keeping blades to my wrists,

he promised me help but I,

keep fighting the urges to quit.

© Myles Dacus 2013

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