I Miss That Old School Kind Of Love

Tell me can we be more than friends again?;

I was wondering If I could get a chance to love you again;

Do you think about how good we were back then?;

When love was forever young and it seemed like it would never end;


Days in the park, just us;

Drinking and making love;

Not a care in the world;

It was just you and I girl;


Over the years love has changed;

From a fairytale story to an unfair game;

I had to adjust and study the rules in order to play;

But I miss that oldschool kind of love of yesterday;


So can’t we go back to those days?;

I’m sick of this game;

You lose everytime no matter how you play;

Heart break has become like a virus outbreak;


Tears have become a part of the human face;

Tears that never dry no matter how much you wipe them away;

I admit I was young and made silly mistakes;

But life has matured me, so could you come back this way;


“Let go of past love, it’s just a mistake”, I’ve heard people say;

But if that’s the case then your love was the best mistake I’ve ever made;

Girl I miss us;

But most of all I miss that oldschool kind of love…

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