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Pain smile too

I lived to know the beauty of pain,
my smile growing thicker as I cried harder,
the ache in my chest pounding through to my head hurt so much that I laughed.
How I have grown to become one with my tribulations brought me into the presence of peace.
I clung to the sweat and tears tensely so that I would never forget
how my pain truly groomed me into a passionate combatant.
I will never yield in battle, nor will I rest my weapon down at war,
surrender stands as no option.
In a fierce brawl for a better tomorrow I hold out all stops.
moving to the beat of my racing heart with anticipation,
I danced solo to my heart’s desire loving the anxiety.

Caressed by the seductive nature of being hurt,
I loved to live through it so I could tell the tale of its sweetness.
Longing to become one with the stillness of agony,
where silent cries that land on ears that hear but ignorantly choosing to be deaf.
I was swung right back into that what brought me to all this… pain.
In spite of all and how pulverised my little heart was; like a teenage girl I fell in.
I laughed loudly and wildly at the teary face in the mirror.
How I have come to understand you for leaving me in a well lit dark alley,
where hope finds no home but rests its weary head on my pounding chest,
music undefined, soothing and true.

My pain will never lie yet so brash and comforting it only tells me that this too shall pass.
Tomorrow borrows the troubles of today
Though today will be yesterday and tomorrow today;
trouble remains a permanent guest and my smile; my best friend.
With all my might and all my heart I came to see pain’s smile,
to understand the benefit of open wounds, deep and oozing blood.
The silver linings and lights beyond the tunnels were make believe,
because the bare truth is that it stays with me to remind me and be my friend.
Thank you for being a part of me I carry like a trophy, proudly and glad.

* * *

Written by Missty


Redemption. The strength to forgive the self
that brought you to distraction.
I live to sing a song of hope to unravel
that ignored pain deep within me suppressed by false happiness
and overpowered by the clamour of a dull cymbal.
We carry pain inside hoping it would fade too
with the colours of our bloodshot eyes.

Hold my soul in your hand and don’t let it go.
Make me see gladness I never witnessed before.
Teach me how to breathe air of love and peace
carrying me on the wings of passion letting me live love.
Seek through my heart and find me
in the darkness of my sworn hatred.
I saw peace in the eyes of a child,
stole it, kept it and cared completely.

True life runs in my veins with pure blood
gushing with energy and ambition
not yielding nor accepting failure as the final result.
I pursue my desire like my name and triumph.
Coming out stronger with grazed knees and bruised feet.
Life moves into me like a fresh morning breeze.

* * *

Written by Missty

Che, Luther, Biko, Malcolm, Hani…

Che, Luther, Biko, Malcolm, Hani…

Extraordinary, we don’t remember the ordinary.
It was for justice, life is not fair.
They wanted peace, they fought for it.
Their deaths, worth living for.
And the list goes on…

Why so few like them,
The rest pure opposites,
And us bystanders, to our own cause
I refuse.

I love you, I love every soul.
I’ve been enlightened, I will act.
Nobody has everything, together we have it all.
99 on the last breath, on the last thought,
Will you be satisfied.


I remember when we meet.
Everything was fine
You look at me
With a wondered eyes, asking
Yourself whether I will accept
Your love or not?

You told me more than thousand of times
That you love me
You said those words with a lovely voice,
Sometimes you smiled with fear

You cried for my love, until I agreed to say
I learned to love you while you were proposing
And I told myself that you’re a wonderful man, when
You deserve my love, but I was lying to myself.

In our home where I call it home, today it has
Turned into a jail, I get beaten every time you get home.
My body is weak, my soul is crying, my eyes are hurted
Cant up see it.
The beauty that you as yesterday today has become
Crushed, am like a trash because of you.

My lovely husband why?
I thought you loved me
But today I see all the reason why you lied to me.
You wanted to tear my heart, break my limbs,
Crush my beauty, all in my lovely
Husband turn into a monster.

Blood Rain

I look to the Sky.
As the blood rain falls.
And washes over me.
On my knees,
Hands raised in screaming question.

I look to the Sky.
Begging for answers.
On deaf ears fall my plea.
With gut wrenching,soul devouring sobs.
My shoulders slump in defeat.

I look to the Sky.
Finally understanding why he cannot speak.
The rain of blood is tears.
When he looks down upon me.
The God of creation weeps.

Love Seeker

Love Seeker,
Seek no more
As seeking hearts give off a scary roar

The more you look,
the less you find.
And waiting for Mr Right will drive you out of your mind.

Lonely hearts have pride too,
they run when on demand
cause “love me” from some-one you cannot command

So hush your cries,
it will only make you weaker.
Keep strong my precious little Love Seeker.

4000 walls

I wandered the plaster path to nowhere
As always,
Counting the bricks of days,
Tracing my finger along the indent
Between them where the cement is lain.

How secure!
What a foundation!
‘The basest of bases’
I thought to myself as I
Counted the bricks of days
As always…

One two three four five six seven
And thought of that number
That made me ponder heaven
So I raised my eyes
To find
I had forgotten about the roof.

The cage growing
The house metastasize metastasize
The earth becomes a house and all grows
But me

…As the roof stretches across the sky
Blocking the stars
And the sun.

Brick by brick, I die
Moment to moment, I lie
Waiting for my bed to finally
Swallow me.

Window to window, I try.
Brick by brick, I die
As all goes by.

And the house metastasize metastasize.
The roof stretches across the sky
Blocking God.

The refrigerator feeds
On me, feeds on me
And I forget why
There are windows while I am blind.

The house live,
I die.

Sitting still and eyeing the fireplace
While the roof stretches across
The entire goddamn sky.

Dear Friend *oxymoron*

What is it that offends you so?

Is it the genuine smile on sight that scorns your eyes.
The warmth of my embrace that scorches your skin.
The enthusiastic enquiries that grates your mind.
The happy tunes hummed from my lips that screeches in your ear.
The gum i chew that pops your mood.

The job i do that fills my curious hours with satisfaction that drains yours.
My passion for dancing that fills my energetic hours with satisfaction that drains yours.
The comfort I enjoy from knowing my own self that robs you of the same pleasure.
The love i wear for Love,Life and Lord that fails your fashion taste.

Or is it simply me?

Divine Interventions

Screeching wheels,
My life flashes before my eyes
I’m so close to the end I always perceived far.

My breaths get deeper and futher apart
The enemy whose face could has never been described is laughing before me,
His face is the last you’ll ever see.

I lay lifeless
I lay breathless
Ready to give back what had been lent to me,

Then he intervened
Silently yet so powerfull
I could never see his face but his presence I felt

Why I was spared I still wonder.

The Peaceful piece of Pain

legs i’ve lost, pain i forgot.
Arms i’ve lost, pain i forgot.
A piece of my heart ive lost, pain I remember well.

Pain that digs deep.
Pain that feels like yesterday is everyday.
Pain thats boils pain.
Pain that builds more pain.

Pain I cherish.
Pain I appreciate.
Pain I grow ontop of.
Pain that is painless in time,
in time of the calling.

The calling of peace.
The piece of my heart.
The one I lost.
The one I searched far for.
The piece that brings peace in my pain.