Archives for January 21, 2014

Dear Me

Dear me, before you fall again, remember how she once did you in;

Dear me, do you remember when you begged her to stay but she chose to leave?;

Dear me, don’t forget she watched you cry and didn’t offer any sympathy;

Dear me, before you go back to her, remember she wasn’t there when you were forced to endure all the hurt;


Dear me, she never cared when your heart she burnt;

Dear me, remember it wasn’t your fault;

Stop blaming yourself for the past;

Dear me, I know you still love her the same;


Dear me, you tried for years to get her back after she walked away;

Dear me, she saw you broken and still laughed in your face;

So Dear me, before you miss her again, just remember all that dear me had to say


Still Miss Me?

I miss you, I just never let you know;

I guess I understand it was your choice to let go;

I wish that choice was mine;

Cause if it was you’d still be the only girl in my life;


I respect your decision, forcing love would be a crime;

And forcing things girl just ain’t my style;

So I’ll wipe away these regretful tears I cry alone at night;


I only pray one day you have a change of mind;

And return to me angel of mine;

Because now I see where once I was blind;

I’ve replayed all my mistakes in my mind;


And I wish I could undo those words so unkind;

I miss days spent with you and those endless romantic nights;

I wish you knew how I still feel;

But I’ll never tell you, I’m scared you’d reject me;


I’ve been let down too much, it’s something my heart could never seem to heal;

I still bear the scars of when you chose to leave;

It still replays in my mind whenever I sleep;

And how in my dreams;


I still beg you not to leave;

But when I wake with my face drenched with tears;

And my heart is on my sleeve;

I wish at times I never wake up alone but instead I wish you were still next to me;


But it never happens so I beg God to end my sleep;

So I could enjoy a little bit of peace;

I miss you girl, I wonder if you still miss me?