Archives for January 23, 2014

I Remember

Some songs I hear;

Take me back to our years;

Even though my soul is left behind and when I return to reality I find you’re no longer here;

Do you remember the first time sweet love we made?;


Or when I picked you up from school every day;

And that love struck look upon your face;

Do you remember our first kiss in the park?;

How nervous we both were sitting in my car?;


Or that day in church when our eyes met and I wondered who you are;

And how fate lead me past your house and we met eye to eye again from afar?;

I still believe you are the one that God made just for me;

And I wish you were the only one I loved instead of the girl before you and me;


She damaged me, so loving you became an impossibility;

I wish I told you the truth instead of pretending;

And when you loved me all I gave you was hurt within;

I know if I did;


You’d still be here with me;

See I remember all those things you thought I forgot;

I remember all the pain I put you through;

I remember it every day ever since I lost you;


I wish so much I could forget but I just never seem to;

Truth is 20.09.90 I still miss you


Another Chance To Love You

Who knew I used to choose my friends above you;

Yet today here I sit alone in my room;

Thinking how I was such a fool;

Wasting all that time when I could have been loving you;


If you saw me today you’d probably laugh;

A regretful man wishing to be free from regrets of my past;

I ask God why could I not have met you today;

He knows we would have made it last;


In my eyes we ended too fast;

Our love story’s credits rolled far too soon;

I wasn’t ready for the story to end and for me to lose you;

I wish you knew;


I’m tempted daily to send these words to you;

But I know you’ve already found someone new;

So what’s the use?;

I guess I’ll keep it in and cherish good memories spent with you;


God only knows I’d do anything to have another chance to love you