Archives for January 24, 2014

When I Pass

The Lord will call my name one day;

When this time comes this is what I’d like someone to say;

Christopher came from nothing and made a way;

Not just another man but a friend who lived to be who God made;

Not for another man’s attention but he was himself to give God all praise;


Who not just lived for himself but gave his life to make a change;

Who left not just a memory in his life time;

But left a legacy behind;


A man who could have given up but refused;

When life got too hard and his heart was torn and abused;

Instead of showing hate;

He showed love to those who hurt him every day;


A man who refused to give up come what may;

Who lived to change not just himself but those he met along the way;

A boy who made so many mistakes;

But chose to use those mistakes to educate;


Many hated him for his brutal honesty;

Many a girl fell for his charm and words so sweet;

A man so young who accomplished what most wish;

Yet those who really knew him, knew he was so full of *ish;


For the wisdom he gave when people asked;

For the youth he helped escape their past;

For the times he made us laugh;

And for the tears we cry today because he has passed;


For a brother, lover and friend;

His legacy will never end;

For his strange ways;

For his love of 2pac and Thierry Henry and all those strange things he used to say;

Let’s take a moment to remember not just a person, but an angel God let escape;

Rest in Peace Christopher Mark Lincoln aka Kribo, thanks for the life you lived so the world could change;


We can’t wait to join you in Heaven some day.


Can We Get Forever Back

We promised each other forever, so why am I left standing here without you?;

Girl you buried us too soon;

I’m stuck in this grave alive and alone missing you;

So tell me where did our forever’s go?;


If they are gone then why do I still miss you so?;

Did you make a mistake when you said we should go our separate ways?;

I never wanted to leave, I wanted a family with you someday;

At night I lay and think about your precious eyes;


And how they always took my heart by surprise;

I always thought that they were diamonds in disguise;

So can’t we get forever back just for a little while;

So I could appreciate you as if it were our last time;


I wasn’t prepared, so I took you for granted when you were mine;

If I could I’d do it different this time;

My eyes have opened and finally I’ve come to realise;

That my life without you is like a clock without the hands of time;


So girl can’t we get our forever’s back just one more time?