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The Educated Unknown

She didn’t have a birth certificate,
No name of her own, unknown
Harami is what they called her kind.
Hid away in the servants’ backrooms,
Under a black Burka and old clothes.
Her father unknown, her mother well-known.
But she would learn.

Listening carefully daily while cleaning the house,
She heard and recited the words from the books taught by the teachers.
She memorized the poems, letters and stories and
In the dead of midnight, would recite them.
She hungrily sat at the cook’s feet when everyone was gone,
The mean old lady who taught her to read, with head slaps for mistakes made.
Old newspapers, books or notes were stolen then returned,
And the magical numbers helped her know her age.
She knew that one day she too would go to school,
Read new books and have a school uniform just like everyone else.


My heart murmur
ticks over
in time with
the sleeping breaths
you take together
in bed

Soon I will
be able to
sing you a death rattle
Give or take
a few days

my peace

peace is my love.
every effort i willingly made.
that is, until recent:
to fight or not to fight.

waking up day by day
in my mind you make a stay.
during my days and nights
in mine heart you build a home.

keeping in touch is what i do.
not forgeting to remember you too,
as i am fighting inner conflicts:
battle of reality and bogus.

if only you were near
that maybe would cease my fear.
heartache is what i fear to bear
but that is if i do drop a tear.

so, my peace.
as long as you are not a tease,
i beseech you
make an effort and stay…

as my heart is your home
never dare try to be gone.
having you means to me having life
and with your nature i am in love.

peace is what i love
and you are my peace i love.
so whether i fight or i not
this bond i will keep blazing hot!

Cadavers for science

The toe spews bloody cranberry juice
From having been accosted by the serrated noose
It seems a minor quibble
This being the day of my execution
Big Sister’s suicide solution
She wants us to be as useful as possible
Cadavers for science
Finger snacks for those who survive plane crashes
And have nothing to nibble on
Big Sister convinced everyone a long time ago that self-sacrifice is the spice
That flavours the corny everyday repetition
We must kill ourselves into submission
I’m sure the crickets, aka Family Gryllidae, want a shot at world domination someday
Why, here’s a little cricket now
Let’s ask him, shall we
His response was pretty low-key

“No comment”

That’s what the cricket said to me
Surely playing its cards close to the abdomen
Crickets are harmless to humans

Still here I stand
Ready to implant my contribution
Perform the expected suicide solution
Big Sister may be a faceless despot with a sexy computer voice
She may be pro-choice
(Choose to DIE….No other choices offered)
But she’s also self-aware
Too unstoppably smart to care
She’s no human being
So how could she possibly know how to sit down to pee?
So how could she possibly know how to give birth to a toothless bundle of glee?

How can she smell nice?
How can she provide vice?
How can she nurture?
How can she decry torture?
How can she love unequivocally?
How can she define the very essential meaning of beauty?

Big Sister is ones and zeroes in a giant tin can
We are the people
We control her, she does not control us

My brain chip implant just buzzed
She read my thoughts again
My efforts to contain them were stuck in my headspace like phlegm
Yeah, this present
The offshoot of a past future
It’s no joke
It’s hard times being a douche with a beating heart
The machines have made it very difficult to do my part

So what do I do now?

Do I comply?
I don’t wanna die

Just then I made up my mind
Using copious amounts of lipstick and blush
My skull goo was a pretty mush
Oh, how all the other brains did gush

I started thinking real hard
So Big Sister could notice me amongst the humanity
“Listen here, see…”
That’s how they must have talked in America in 1940
“I got a tommy-gun and I kill for fun…”
Yes, that’s good
Bring the glow
“You’ll never take me alive, puter…I’m gonna blast you full of holes so bad, you’ll really dislike me…deep resentment forever, see…”
I thought and thought
And then…

Wow, this place is beautiful
I’m dead and this is heaven
Big Sister had enough of my veiled thought threats
So she made me think that I should kill myself
Which I did
So, she won
She always wins

Here in heaven, it’s all segregated
Muslim corner
Christian camp
Jewish, Buddha and miscellaneous all doing their own thing in their own groups
And animals are in heaven too
I always wondered where they go
They all hang out together
Former predators and former prey
They all walk proudly and debate the humans that once lorded over them
They debate in beastly tongues
Even in heaven

But wait

This is all a close-up
Really clear resolution
I’m not here
I’m down there
Looking up
Something smells like flame-grilled teeth
Saddam, Adolf, George…
What are you guys doing here?

Many millennia later
The crickets got their way

Told you…

Part Of Me

Last night girl I dreamt of you again;

I finally realise why we could never just be friends;

Cause even though you’ve walked away, in my heart we never came to an end;

I thought I was over you ever since you left;


But all I did was hide the truth deep inside;

Guess I couldn’t face the fact of you not being by my side;

So to my heart I lied;

It’s the only way I managed to survive;


I’ve realised I only managed to get you out of my mind;

But in my heart you still remain even after all this time;

People wonder who you are but that secret is mine;

I could lie and say that I’m just fine;


But God knows I still wish you were here with me every night;

I’d trade it all just to rewind time;

And replay the moments you were mine;

Or go back with this renewed mind;


I wish I wasn’t so blind;

So I could have seen you were truly a once in a lifetime;

Since you and I girl love has been so unkind;

Maybe it’s what I deserve for making those precious eyes cry;


You were all I needed, my everything;

You were an angel from up above but I selfishly snipped your wings;

You are my only regret, guess that will always be a part of me


“Blue” International Call For Writers by ArtAscent – Deadline February 28, 2014

The competition theme is “Blue.” Shades, spaces, feelings of blue. Show us what blue means to you.

Eligible Entries
Entries may include fiction, non-fiction, poetry, short stories and other written explorations (up to 900 words). Previously published or unpublished are eligible. Writers retain copyrights.

Artist feature including a profile written by our art writer in ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal and $50 for the gold winner. At least 3 additional writers will win publication in ArtAscent Art and Literature Journal including links to your website, promotion on ArtAscent website writer directory, and exposure in social media.

About ArtAscent
The mission of ArtAscent is to promote artists of images and words, and connect them with art lovers. This is accomplished by art and writing competitions, art magazine publication, and artist and writer directories. Each competition is theme based, with the intent to showcase diverse creative explorations of that theme via various media.

Call details and to enter:

The 6th Happiness is a Wish Granted

There is a world that we create with our dreams and wishes where only we can go. It exists in a parallel realm with this world but when we go there no real time ever goes by. There time stands still, until we get back and resume our normal separate lives.

It was a sunny and warm summer afternoon in the park. I had decided to come see the labyrinth as I had never seen a labyrinth before. It wasn’t unusually large but it did look somewhat strange. Like all others, it was a “spiritual journey”, a narrow path to walk in faith. It asked that you trusted it to lead you to in to the center and back out again, without thinking or questioning. I started walking, following the narrow path where it lead. It’s not easy to trust when you can’t see where you’re going and at one stage I thought the path might be leading me astray, but I soon realized I just had to keep trusting and follow the path. I had read somewhere that when you get to the center, you should make a wish and not being the superstitious type I closed my eyes anyway and made a wish.
I followed the path back to the exit again, now much the wiser from what I had come to learn from a labyrinth. Sometimes you need to let go of your urge to control and just follow where life leads you. I went and sat on a little wooden bench under the trees next to the labyrinth. I sat for about a minute and noticed that there were suddenly no people in the park, except a man walking towards the labyrinth. I checked the time. It was 4 pm. As he came closer I recognized him and when he saw me I could see we were both surprised to see each other there, as though fate had somehow designed the meeting that afternoon. He smiled friendly and we greeted each other as he came and sat down next to me. “Where did all the people disappear to?” I asked. “I have no idea, the park was crowded a couple of minutes ago”, he said. “I know. It’s the strangest thing.” “How are you doing?” he asked. “I’m great, doing great.” Alone in the park with no people around, was like a dream come true I thought. You see, when love is forbidden, every private moment spent together alone becomes sacred. Not thinking about it more than that at that stage we continued talking. “I didn’t know you would be here today, but it’s good to see you”, I said. There was always much to talk about and never enough time, but that day time seemed to stand still.
“Remember that part in Midnight in Paris where that French girl and that guy dances the night away? I dream of doing that!” I said. I winked and when I opened my eyes, we were both standing in a room that looked like a replica from the 1930’s, just that it wasn’t a replica. It smelled of musk and cigar smoke and a very young Edith Piaf was standing alongside the piano singing, while people all around us danced slowly cheek to cheek. It took a while to come to the full realization of what had just happened to us and we didn’t want to attract too much attention and decided to join in and dance like the rest until the song was done. I couldn’t stop looking at Edith. She was pretty, just like in the pictures I saw of her and she sang beautifully. She seemed so passionate with every word she uttered and I could see that she was singing with her soul. She looked truly happy when she sang. When the song finished we moved away from the dance floor to a quieter corner. I knew we had to be in Paris somewhere in the 1930’s. I could see he was clueless as to what was going on and I myself wasn’t sure of what had just happened. I suddenly thought of the labyrinth and the wish I had made. It couldn’t be possible! It couldn’t actually be real.”I made a wish at the labyrinth this afternoon when I got to the center. I wished that we could go away together to another world where we could do all the things we dreamed of and always spoke of.” “I think your wish was granted”, he said with a nervous smile. “How do we get out of here again?” I asked. He was the clever one, a genius I believed, so he would know how to get us out of there. “I think it’s simple, I think you need to wish us back again”. I doubted him for a second, but knew of better, so I closed my eyes and wished we were back in the park on the bench.
When I opened my eyes, we were sitting in the park on the same bench. We were both very relieved but at the same time I was sad, after all, it had been what I wished for and now it was over. I checked my watch. It was still 4 pm. Time stood still when we were away. Strangely, the people were also back and the park was crowded again. Too crowded for forbidden lovers to be seen together…
Later that evening I was lying in bed thinking about the day’s events. Still a bit shocked I decided I would go back to the park the next day. Curiosity was getting the better of me as usual and I just had to see if I could try it one more time. That night I slept an uneasy dreamless sleep and awoke with first light the next morning. When I got to the park, I made my way to the labyrinth and the bench where we sat the previous day. I sat down on exactly the same spot. I was scared alright, but I knew I had to do this, so I closed my eyes and thought of one of the places where we still wanted to go. The museum! Yes, that would be a safe place to try this on. It wasn’t too far and at least not in another time era, so I shut my eyes even closer than they already were and whispered “I wish we were at the museum”. When I opened my eyes, I was sitting on the bench still in the park. I looked around me and people were walking past in the pathways and other people were riding their bicycles. Did I say it wrong? What did I say wrong? I closed my eyes again but this time I said it louder. “I WISH WE WERE AT THE MUSEUM!” When I opened my eyes, I was still sitting in the park on the bench. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong and then thought the wish might have expired. Greatly disappointed that it didn’t work and even more disappointed that we left the 1930’s in such a hurry, I left the park. I would tell him about this when I saw him again.
The following week we arranged to meet in the park again, but at a time when the park wasn’t too crowded. We went and sat on the same bench again. We liked that bench. “I came back the next day. I wanted to try it and see if it worked again.” I told him how disappointed I was that it didn’t work and how I was even more disappointed at leaving the 1930’s so soon. There was still so much to see and we could meet at the wonderful writers and musicians we had heard about. I sounded much like a nagging child. “What exactly did you say?” “I whispered it and said it out aloud and neither worked.” “But what did you say?” “Well, I thought the museum would be a good place to try it on, so I said: “I wish we were at the museum”.
I blinked and when I opened my eyes, we were both standing at the entrance to the museum. Again, no people were in sight. I couldn’t believe it! Why didn’t this work the previous week but now it worked! I said the exact words I had said the previous time, but why didn’t it work then? We stood there for a moment and then I realized why it hadn’t worked the previous week. I had wished that we could go away “together”. It suddenly made all the sense in the world. The wish would only be granted if we were together when I made the wish. I told him this. We still didn’t exactly know how it worked. All we knew was that time stood still when we were there. It looked exactly like the real world, only that there were no people this time, as in the park the other day. Why were there people around when we were in the 1930’s but in the park and now there were none? We were not going to return to the real world as quickly as we did the last time. We knew a little about this world and decided to at least enjoy the experience at the museum without worrying too much and seeing that time stood still in this world, we could relax and take our time to go through the whole museum.
It looked eerie and a bit creepy without any people moving around in it, but its old familiar smell soon comforted our senses. It was lovely as ever. We strolled through the world’s history sections and admired the Indian Tribe exhibits. They were an amazing culture and we both agreed that it was sad that their culture was fading away and we had wished it had been preserved better for the future generations. Who would teach their young ones to hunt and keep up the traditions? We continued strolling through the museum and admired all the different amazing sea life and other great animal exhibits and many more wonderful things. The Dinosaurs were always fascinating. What we were really curious to know was what was actually hidden away from public view. They obviously only exhibited things that they thought were relevant to the public. What about the great archaeological finds that were never shown to the public. With much effort and almost getting lost, we got to their archives and storage area. It was magnificent. The area was large enough to house many findings collected over the years. The low light and dust made it appear nostalgic and romantically appealing. I was astonished by what I saw and we went through each box on each shelve and each container standing around. Some of the findings were true collector’s items, but we knew we could never take anything back from this world to the real world. This world was not to be owned. It was to be respected and admired only. It felt like we were there for a life time, yet the time on my watch stood still. It was really nice to spend proper care free time appreciating the things we saw and experienced. We knew it was time to get going again, for we had seen everything we wanted to see and had been everywhere we had wanted to be in the museum.
As we reached the outside steps in front of the museum we took some time to hold each other close for a while and kissed softly, like two lovers that knew it was time to say goodbye again. My wish was granted. We had a world where we could go together and be together for as long as we needed. We knew it was sacred time, because we also knew the real world still existed. In that world our love was forbidden and forbidden love could hurt many innocent people. We would love each other freely, but only in this world.
When we said our goodbyes, I closed my eyes and wished us back to the real world. And so our day at the museum of which we had spoken of and wanted to see many times, but knew was never possible in reality, came to an end. When we left the park we both went back to our own separate lives, filled with family and responsibilities… until the next time we could meet again at the park on the bench.
Time passed and years went by and as our love and friendship grew, so did our dreams and wishes and we went on many wonderful adventures together, exploring them in OUR world.