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Madiba’s’ Voters

Madiba’s’ voters live in a revolution said to be like a standardised selling price but all half televised.
Where begging rises after the baking of bread for bribes.
Where leading heads were left for flies.

Now Madiba’s Voters will you memorise –
How Sharpville and now Marikana were barely kept alive.
After the Capt arrived to quickly act in 5.
Shooting to kill like they still yearn for Hector’s life.

Madiba’s Voters
Who owns the backstabber’s knife, track records rights,
land-grabbing sites, grand, lavish lives and 10/11 wives?
Yet mass freedom hasn’t had a slice.

Madiba’s Voters
Truth be told that on an eluding road we were brewed and sold like our crude and gold.
And in a human tone I turn my food to stone.
Like what Madiba’s Voters threw and thrown.

Madiba’s Voters
Felt more outer within like something out of their skin was about to begin.
Their ’94 heard the sounds of the win, the shout o’ power was louder and even louder the skin.
The townships crowded..”The townships are crowded and shouting again!!”.
Their X marks Madiba and they’d be proud to defend.
“The Great Lion of the Struggle right down to the end”

Zillions of Madiba’s Voters hail the name.
Madiba’s Voters in various tongues from the greater plain.
From Qunu’s Thembu reign to the Peru Lane & even if you travel Spain in heavy rain
Or you are in a gravy train.

In a sick nation Madiba’s Voters synchronise with his ailing days
Carrying hope but no place to stay.
Indeed the faithful saints face a great delay.
But still the state of the State today won’t take away….Their Madiba’s’ vote.

Who Knew

Who knew that time without you would make me realise;

How much I loved you and how my eyes were so blind;

Who knew that I’d cherish even the worst of our memories?

How I miss you so my baby girl I wish you knew;


Who knew your face would be the first one I’d seek in any crowd;

Who knew our song would still have the sweetest of sound;

Who knew that after you I’d still be alone?

Who knew that the next miss call I see, I’d beg God it was you who called;


Who knew I’d miss all those sms’s you sent that I always ignored;

Who knew I’d want to read them all now just once more;

Who knew all those times I spent without you and spent it with friends instead;

Would haunt me now at night every time I go to bed;


Who knew today I’d miss all those times you begged to see me;

When I told you to stop acting immature and silly;

Who knew I’d wish to could get just one more call;

Who knew you I’d never rise from our fall;


Who knew you’d be my one and only regret;

Who knew you’d be the only girl I’d never be able to forget;

Who knew I’d realise in time that you were truly heaven sent;

Who knew I’d be wishing to go back to that first day we met;


Who knew you’d marry another man;

Who knew, I thought you were my wife to be, guess I missed out on God’s master plan;

Who knew I sit alone and I replay;

All the nights alone and the good love we made;


Who knew you’d be my perfect match;

Who knew I’d miss out on my biggest catch;

Who knew I’d take for granted the one that was made just for me;

Who knew in the end I’d be the one who was immature and silly;

Who knew since I lost you I’d never be the same;


Who knew I had gold in my had but couldn’t see;

Who knew, that one day the only one who wouldn’t know would be me