Who Knew

Who knew that time without you would make me realise;

How much I loved you and how my eyes were so blind;

Who knew that I’d cherish even the worst of our memories?

How I miss you so my baby girl I wish you knew;


Who knew your face would be the first one I’d seek in any crowd;

Who knew our song would still have the sweetest of sound;

Who knew that after you I’d still be alone?

Who knew that the next miss call I see, I’d beg God it was you who called;


Who knew I’d miss all those sms’s you sent that I always ignored;

Who knew I’d want to read them all now just once more;

Who knew all those times I spent without you and spent it with friends instead;

Would haunt me now at night every time I go to bed;


Who knew today I’d miss all those times you begged to see me;

When I told you to stop acting immature and silly;

Who knew I’d wish to could get just one more call;

Who knew you I’d never rise from our fall;


Who knew you’d be my one and only regret;

Who knew you’d be the only girl I’d never be able to forget;

Who knew I’d realise in time that you were truly heaven sent;

Who knew I’d be wishing to go back to that first day we met;


Who knew you’d marry another man;

Who knew, I thought you were my wife to be, guess I missed out on God’s master plan;

Who knew I sit alone and I replay;

All the nights alone and the good love we made;


Who knew you’d be my perfect match;

Who knew I’d miss out on my biggest catch;

Who knew I’d take for granted the one that was made just for me;

Who knew in the end I’d be the one who was immature and silly;

Who knew since I lost you I’d never be the same;


Who knew I had gold in my had but couldn’t see;

Who knew, that one day the only one who wouldn’t know would be me

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