Can We Get Forever Back

We promised each other forever, so why am I left standing here without you?;

Girl you buried us too soon;

I’m stuck in this grave alive and alone missing you;

So tell me where did our forever’s go?;


If they are gone then why do I still miss you so?;

Did you make a mistake when you said we should go our separate ways?;

I never wanted to leave, I wanted a family with you someday;

At night I lay and think about your precious eyes;


And how they always took my heart by surprise;

I always thought that they were diamonds in disguise;

So can’t we get forever back just for a little while;

So I could appreciate you as if it were our last time;


I wasn’t prepared, so I took you for granted when you were mine;

If I could I’d do it different this time;

My eyes have opened and finally I’ve come to realise;

That my life without you is like a clock without the hands of time;


So girl can’t we get our forever’s back just one more time?

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