“Evander”, My Hood, I Never Forgot About You

Even though I’ve relocated I’m still A “G”;

I’m all for my Evander thugs even though now my numberplate is laced with “GP”;

I love my hood, from every block to every street;

You are part of my family, Nigga’s I was raised in “MP”;


I stay real and remain true, always staying down for all my niggas stuck in the hood;

For those who know me, you know I only spit the truth;

Money and fame never changed me, I had money even before the world ever noticed me;

So this one is for “Evander”, my love, my hood;


If you thought, you thought wrong, I could never forget about you;

“Legends”, “Bafana” Taverns shout out to you, you are like family;

“Dan’s” and “Monica’s” thank you for fighting the law and being shebeen’s;

All of you are like my bloodline, forever a part of me;


I had a cold family home, so I turned to the streets, you’ll are the reason my childhood years are filled with the best memories;

To “Veli” & “Johnson”, even though we had beef, when shit went south me alone in the streets, you’ll stood up for me;

So I lift my glass out of love and respect, even if you’ll reloacted to the cemetry;


So from “Tinki-Tonki” pre-primary;

That’s where I started so my first love is for you;

From “TP Stratten” to “Evander Highschool”;

The most respect and love goes out to you;


“Evander High”, you are the reason I’m made;

Because of you, my name is associated with fame;

Many hated, most assumed I’d fail because of the thug nigga I was back then;

So to those haters who doubted, success is the best form of revenge;


Yeah I was labelled, crazy and different;

But one day you’ll look back and thank God for my ass, I’m your voice, I’ll make the world listen;

To the students coming up that I never got to meet face to face;

Take it from me, study hard, without education the world is cold and hard everyday;


Be cool at school but don’t forget your mind;

When you’re alone at home study all the time;

To all the teachers I gave so much grief;

I had a young and reckless mind, never knew about life, thought you were hating;


But now I realise you only wanted the best for me;

I finally found my purpose, so know your teachings were never in vain, they helped me succeed;

For all my ways and those stressful days, I’m sorry;

If you think I ran away or forgot about you,let me explain so you know the deal;


Dear enemies of mine, who’s first, oh yes that bitch nigga named “Mondli”;

I never forgot about your ass, I was just waiting for the perfect opportunity;

Remember that day at the pool shop in “Evander”, with my 9mm, I could have smoked you;

You can thank God I was stopped by my late nigga “Dru”;


They say never start a war until you got your money behind you;

I got’s mine bitch nigga, I hope you do too;

Most motherfuckers there fear you;

But I’m just wise, I laid low, I never give up, ask anyone from my hood;


I was a Thug nigga running the streets even before you were born;

“Mondli”, I’m coming for your ass nigga, watch your back, bitch nigga you’ve been warned;

So fuck you and fuck peace, best you get your crew ready, like a nigga’s last breath I’ma make you fade away;

To all the nigga’s I’ve lost along the way;


Who taught me the rules of the game;

I sip Hennessy and pour a 5th out to send my respect to Heaven’s gates;

You niggas are the reason I’m finally made;

To my Lil’ Homies, “Vanzo” & “Shado” just to name a few;


If ever you’re in danger or in need, never hesistate to call cause I was and will always be down for you;

Our future is in the youth, my young nigga’s that’s why I’ll ride and die for all of you;

My advice is always keep in mind, life’s a game, learn the rules;

In your mind you win every fight so there’s no need to grab a gat and shoot;


Trust me, nigga’s I’ve been to the pen and jail ain’t for you;

Never show fear no matter what shit you go through;

People know my name on those hood streets;

I didn’t just leave a memory, ask them about “Kribo”, niggas I left a legacy;


Always keep in mind niggas are gonna hate you no matter what you do;

So fuck people, you are only young once, always keep it real and remain true;

The only person you need to impress is God, fuck all them other people around you;

“Evander”, my hood, ride till I die, I moved up but I could never forget about you;


I may change, fame might chase my name, but I’ll always remain the same;

You were my first love and until I die that will always be the case;

So to all my “Evander” niggas, this one is for all of you;

Before fame, you were my first love, and I’ll never forget about my original hood.

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