Kirsten, If Only You Knew

Alone in my room listening to Mario Vasquez – “Gallery”;

Girl, everytime I hear that song it takes me back in memory;

2007, when you made the choice to love me;

When my heart was stuck on someone else and I pretended to feel the same as you;


Now I see how foolish I was as I count back the years;

Oh how I wish I had this wisdom back then so I could reverse all your tears;

But I was too young and failed to see;

You were all I ever needed, my disguised blessing;


I pray God gives you my mind for just a little while;

So you can see that these words are from my heart and not just another lie;

That I really do love you and your heart sees the truth before my demise;

Damn, my heart fell when you found someone new and then got married;


I wish I could go back and show you, i’m so sorry;

All I need God to do, is take me back to the day I first met you;

With the things I know today;

Cause If He did I’d appreciate you and never let your love slip away;


Aish and looking back, girl nobody ever loved me as much as you;

But I played the game but I forgot the rules;

I paid the price and the ultimate price was loosing you;

Time has moved on but I’ve never loved the same;


I keep wishing I could reverse the days;

As every moment I hurt you like a broken record replays;

But you showed me what true love was;

And now I know what too look out for;


Even if I’m still looking out for you;

When my heart, soul and mind knows, never again will I ever get the chance to love another you;

Yet every year I ask God to give me the same birthday present;

“I want another chance with her Lord, Why was I so blind” Amen as I send my prayer request;


And even if I hate on you and act cold, girl know I’m full of pride and I just pretend;

I only relaised I loved you the day you told me our love has come to an end;

I fight with you today, cause I love you too much and can’t just be just another friend;

Truth is, If God said I could have anything in this world, my only wish would be to have one more chance to love that angel He named “Kirsten”

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