Last Christmas

Last year Christmas, how could I forget, girl you were still mine;

A year has gone by and you’re still heavy on my mind;

Cloudy days since have stolen my sunshine;

Ever since I haven’t been able to wear a smile;


Do I ever invade your dreams sometimes;

I wake up often with tears in my eyes;

Wishing my dreams were real,cause babygirl I want to love you just one more time;

So I lay my heart under your Christmas tree;


Hoping that the next gift you open is me;

You haven’t called me since that cold January day;

The realization sets in that you’ve never felt the same;

Asking myself if you never loved me then why did you pretend?;

Why lead me on when you knew love had already come to an end;

I miss taking you out and spoiling you, just to see that beautiful smile;

I won’t lie I miss your kiss from time to time;

And I know I should be over you by now;


But life isn’t fair or so I’ve found out;

My heart misses you and this silence in my room at night is so loud;

I miss the one that got away;

And girl that one just happens to bear your name


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