On My Mind

Girl I gots you on my mind;

Dreamt of you again last night;

Us bieng a part, yes it’s been for quite a while;

But this morning I woke up with that naughty smile of mine;


The one that was wiped away when you left my side;

For all you did to me girl, know this truth;

I’m not mad at you;

True love, I’ve learnt keeps no record of wrong;


I’ve felt this way ever since you’ve been gone;

My feelings never changed, they are just as strong;

Time could never erase what we had;

Love is not an emotion but a choice to endure through times of good and bad;


It’s not that I’m still stuck on us;

I’m just an honest man, like I always was;

I’ve made mistakes that cannot be undone;It’s the consequences of bieng unexperienced in love and bieng young;


If I had the power to go back in time, without a second thought girl I would;

Just to have another chance to love you;

But no matter how I pray, it’s just something I don’t have the power to do;

My heart still cries a river that leads to you;


Life has changed and you’re no longer here;

And loosing you was always my biggest fear;

You are and will always be that one that got away;

God knows If I could;


I’d erase the me that you once knew;

So we could meet again and we could start brand new;

But these are only wishes of mine that will never come true;

And my biggest wish is just to love that girl I once knew, that girl is you

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