Bitter Treat

Behind her eyelids she hears voices fighting each other
Without a pause in her silence.
Her silence shares noises of lightning and thunder
Without her causing the violence.
The violence had spread poisons biting her under-
Her brown and sore skin divided.
Divided by bad choices; ‘Why did my father-
Rip out and force me for my things’.
Now there are no chords for her violin,
No doors for her hiding
Nor the law is abiding.

In the core of his thieving self and unsober mind,
Lies demons wicked in unheard degrees.
Degrees always giving wealth to a dark road of crime
Unlike seasons that withered without burning trees.
His trees form an unbreathing realm where the sun is overnight.
With visions injured, he doubts their certainties.
His certainties know no children’s health but loafers’ fun.
She wishes women wizards could come and serve him tea.
And that death occurs in he
Or her death is bursting free
From this man-made adversity.

After mother died, it was father’s pride.
When others pry with wonders, whys –
A lonely widower is underlined.
His dignity is now one defined as castle light.
A frustrated tool with hating moods –
With statements due from men in hoods
And instead of cool he passes through –
To the gal in you to test his fuel.

She’s barely grown with belly blown.
She carries loads, him and his bone.
She has no friends, he cares so less.
She can’t confess, he gets so mad.
She’s dripping red, his sleeping bed.
She isn’t fed; he’s sipping ‘bread’.
She whips it out, he screams he shouts.
She’s feeling ouch, he’s filled with fouls.

Her unborn dies, his son from lies.
Her gun drawn eyes , his non-stop sign.
He drinks his actions, she seeks protection.
He breathes aggression, she breathes but lessened.
He kicks, he bashes, she licks the patches.
He beats, he lashes, she’s weak, and she’s ashes.
His daughter’s eyes are slowly dying.
He orders her life but no reply.
He calls her twice but she’s cold as ice.

Their borderline is crossed with lying,
But their world and mine are both combined.

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