Siphokazi – The greatest gift

It is never a certain moment..but in every eye blink.
That I sink with you like paper likes ink.
Deep inside these moving memories I sink.
The nervous I forever minds what our minds think.
Trully, when our narative eyes speak..
It takes I to high trips…
Where the vibe is so hot inside skins..
as an inferno’s light beams.
You and I trapped inside cells as tight genes.
Where we flow on pumping water as floating on white streams.
When we meet, touch…the sight speaks.
It’s like scenes extracted from my night dreams.
The more fire hotter…the more I stutter..
..struggling to align speech.
As I try each…word to word..with a quiet pitch.
Nervous and shyish..
That infront of you I wish to hide lips….
The melodic silence is like strings of violins.
Dear are a diamond..
…grounded, down to earth yet smart and brightened…
…red-hot and shining.
You are a hero’s heroine..
…driving and riding on what’s inside him.
You are a blessing disguising… this temperature-rising..
..Empress of Zion.
So can I take a trip.. the place where they keep..
The Greatest Gift?

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