Solve for X-ams

A vital thought of this lesson is not just to study to pass –
Like history cause in life there is no copying in class
Or pages noted with answers roaming under r the desks
But what you give in and out, out of a test,
Young ones give it your full honour and practice.
What could be flipping and tossing and causing the stress-
When we are emphasising the due cause of exams.
Try and apply the mathematics for solving the mass
Or heavy weighs of any grades when pages wonder and ask.
Please relax stop you mind from pondering fast,
Let your mind flow free like pure water in glass.
Don’t get trapped in geometrical corners in Maths
Solve for X and there should be no problem in that,
So you should draw a table of time and follow it best .
Scholars in or not in collars you should study early,
Time is crucial and crucial is what is worthy.
Recap with teachers to clear each of what is blurry,
Also practice past papers in patterns to go determined.
Exams are what you’d worked out term out and term in –
Examples are the lectures presented for your observing –
Put that into revision through adequate ordered learning
Be numb to all disturbing…
A peaceful meditation focuses the mind from turning.
And be certain that what you’re giving you should be happy deserving

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