Weep not for me
My fall from the tree is not a phthisis
But an arcane concatenate series of nature
In which my life is ceaseless

Upon reaching the ground I do not become fallow
,But soon enhance its fecundity by turning into humus
The ground inturn feeds my life that is contained in a tree
And soon will shoot ,sprout and spread into sparkling fresh verve
So beautifully free
My fall is not a crisis

Negative minds consider my fall as doom
As my very destruction and disastrous finis
For their hearts are empty of wisdom and barren of hope
When a bad situation befalls you
Never abjure
But arise and shine again
Channel that negative energy into positive results
Keep your flame of hope aglow
With your heart so fat and full of faith

For when I gently float to the ground mine life is only beginning
Therefore,I know not defeat
Am always successful
Let your tears of doom be gushes of bliss
Because I am the indomitable Adamas

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