You were that gold I missed in that slipstream;

You are that breeze I felt but missed the wind;

You are that incomplete puzzle because of 1 missing piece;

You are that storm that’s missing a strong wind;


My life without you is like a face without a name;

Like a performance with a stage;

Like a path that’s lost it’s way;

Like a book with a missing page;


Life without you is like a Durban july without the race;

Like a debate team with nothing to say;

Like a dock without a bay;

Like a morning without a day;


Life without you is like a coin with one side;

Like a song without a line;

Like a superstar without a mic;

Life without you is like sun without the shine;


Like clouds without rain;

Like a past without yesterday;

Like regret without the pain;

Like hell without the flame;


Life without you my girl is like going to jail without doing the crime;

Like a romantic dinner without wine;

Like angels without wings;

Like gambling and never winning a thing;


Like overcoming a level but never being able to win;

Like entering Heaven filled with sin;


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