Even Thugs Fall

Never thought I’d meet a Morning star in my life;

Or understand a father’s daughter bieng the apple of his eye;

Today I met an Angel that escaped from Heaven’s sky;

I wonder if God sent you cause He heard my heart’s cry;



See I’ve done love all wrong and all right;

But it always failed no matter how hard I seemed to try;

So I gave up on finding the love of my life;

But it’s always been weighing heavy on my mind;



See I’ve lived my life as an outlaw and thug;

Never caring about finding true love;

But as time passed by I’ve grown up;

And my soul is in need of some comfort;



But I’ve been damged so that I find it hard to trust;

And so I’ve rolled solo never looking to make me an “us”;

But today after meeting you I’ve found that no matter what and after it all;

That girl, sometimes even Thugs fall


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