From My Past

There’s something on my mind I’d like you to know;

True love never dies even if you chose to go;

It’s been years but within my heart it just seemed to grow;

I know I messed up girl, but I was too young to know;


I never knew about love, I was so used to bitches and one night stands;

When I found you I was still a player and not yet a man;

But things have changed and now I finally understand;

Could you consider giving us another chance?;


If it’s too late girl don’t be afraid to break my heart;

My hearts used to being torn apart;

Just be honest and that would be more than enough;

If you don’t feel the same as me and you’ve lost the love;


I know I let you down more times than I could count;

And I broke your heart and instilled never ending doubt;

I know I betrayed so many times your trust;

But I’ve grown and I know I can make a better us;


I’m sorry for all the nights I left you drowning in tears;

And I’m sorry for all the times you said you loved me that I didn’t want to hear;

I’m sorry for putting my friends before you and I;

And I’m sorry for leaving you alone all those nights;


I miss that old school kind of love that’s almost impossible to find;

When a girl loved me unconditionally all the time;

When I didn’t need money or fancy cars;

She just wanted me no matter who I was;


All I’ve found now days are games people call love;

I didn’t know the rules so I was taken advantage of;

I’ve been broken, bruised and used ever since us;

I’ve been given back all those tears I made you cry;

And I’ve been fed those same lies I fed you once upon a time;


Now I’ve had a lot of girls in my lifetime;

So I know it’s not that I’m just stuck on you and I;

It must be true love, cause since us another girl like you I have yet to find;

The love you gave me was like a legacy, one of a kind;


The last girl I had was karma paying me back;

For all the times I hurt you and treated you bad;

She did to me like I did to you, I never knew how I hurt you till I felt that same pain;

Now that I know I wish I never did you that way;


But when a man’s blind and it’s too late;

What does he do when he finds out but doesn’t have the power to go back in time to enforce change?

Time moves forward, yet every day I wish it was like PVR and I could go back to that first day;

With what I know now because if I could I’d have never let you slip away;


I’d appreciate every second with you as if it were the last;

If I could you still be here and not someone I miss from my past


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