How do you say sorry when your heart knows you’re the one to blame?
How do you reverse the tears that you forced upon her beautiful face?
How do you erase the hurtful memories you engraved upon her mind;
How can you undo the hurt if you can’t rewind the hands of time?

I’ve tried to pray, but they just come back marked “return to sender” bouncing off Heaven’s gates;
I’ve tried to play it off in hopes she’d forget but she reminds me like every day;
I try to walk away but I just can’t find an escape;
I’m followed by the remnants of yesterday;

So I turn to those worldly things I know;
Hennessy and blessed lines just to calm my soul;
You think you have an idea nigga, but you don’t know;
Life’s road feels the same every day no matter how far you go;

Try and hit U-turns in life just to escape, but it shows me a new road every time like an updated GPS;
It’s like a journey you endure but in the end you fail the quest;
Life’s like a puzzle with a missing piece, a f*cking mess;
Or like the freedom of free falling but dying in the decent;

How do I forget the pain of constant regret?;
How do I avoid the mistakes I still haven’t met?
These are the questions I ask, but no one has been able to answer me yet…

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