Cadavers for science

The toe spews bloody cranberry juice
From having been accosted by the serrated noose
It seems a minor quibble
This being the day of my execution
Big Sister’s suicide solution
She wants us to be as useful as possible
Cadavers for science
Finger snacks for those who survive plane crashes
And have nothing to nibble on
Big Sister convinced everyone a long time ago that self-sacrifice is the spice
That flavours the corny everyday repetition
We must kill ourselves into submission
I’m sure the crickets, aka Family Gryllidae, want a shot at world domination someday
Why, here’s a little cricket now
Let’s ask him, shall we
His response was pretty low-key

“No comment”

That’s what the cricket said to me
Surely playing its cards close to the abdomen
Crickets are harmless to humans

Still here I stand
Ready to implant my contribution
Perform the expected suicide solution
Big Sister may be a faceless despot with a sexy computer voice
She may be pro-choice
(Choose to DIE….No other choices offered)
But she’s also self-aware
Too unstoppably smart to care
She’s no human being
So how could she possibly know how to sit down to pee?
So how could she possibly know how to give birth to a toothless bundle of glee?

How can she smell nice?
How can she provide vice?
How can she nurture?
How can she decry torture?
How can she love unequivocally?
How can she define the very essential meaning of beauty?

Big Sister is ones and zeroes in a giant tin can
We are the people
We control her, she does not control us

My brain chip implant just buzzed
She read my thoughts again
My efforts to contain them were stuck in my headspace like phlegm
Yeah, this present
The offshoot of a past future
It’s no joke
It’s hard times being a douche with a beating heart
The machines have made it very difficult to do my part

So what do I do now?

Do I comply?
I don’t wanna die

Just then I made up my mind
Using copious amounts of lipstick and blush
My skull goo was a pretty mush
Oh, how all the other brains did gush

I started thinking real hard
So Big Sister could notice me amongst the humanity
“Listen here, see…”
That’s how they must have talked in America in 1940
“I got a tommy-gun and I kill for fun…”
Yes, that’s good
Bring the glow
“You’ll never take me alive, puter…I’m gonna blast you full of holes so bad, you’ll really dislike me…deep resentment forever, see…”
I thought and thought
And then…

Wow, this place is beautiful
I’m dead and this is heaven
Big Sister had enough of my veiled thought threats
So she made me think that I should kill myself
Which I did
So, she won
She always wins

Here in heaven, it’s all segregated
Muslim corner
Christian camp
Jewish, Buddha and miscellaneous all doing their own thing in their own groups
And animals are in heaven too
I always wondered where they go
They all hang out together
Former predators and former prey
They all walk proudly and debate the humans that once lorded over them
They debate in beastly tongues
Even in heaven

But wait

This is all a close-up
Really clear resolution
I’m not here
I’m down there
Looking up
Something smells like flame-grilled teeth
Saddam, Adolf, George…
What are you guys doing here?

Many millennia later
The crickets got their way

Told you…

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