my peace

peace is my love.
every effort i willingly made.
that is, until recent:
to fight or not to fight.

waking up day by day
in my mind you make a stay.
during my days and nights
in mine heart you build a home.

keeping in touch is what i do.
not forgeting to remember you too,
as i am fighting inner conflicts:
battle of reality and bogus.

if only you were near
that maybe would cease my fear.
heartache is what i fear to bear
but that is if i do drop a tear.

so, my peace.
as long as you are not a tease,
i beseech you
make an effort and stay…

as my heart is your home
never dare try to be gone.
having you means to me having life
and with your nature i am in love.

peace is what i love
and you are my peace i love.
so whether i fight or i not
this bond i will keep blazing hot!

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