Part Of Me

Last night girl I dreamt of you again;

I finally realise why we could never just be friends;

Cause even though you’ve walked away, in my heart we never came to an end;

I thought I was over you ever since you left;


But all I did was hide the truth deep inside;

Guess I couldn’t face the fact of you not being by my side;

So to my heart I lied;

It’s the only way I managed to survive;


I’ve realised I only managed to get you out of my mind;

But in my heart you still remain even after all this time;

People wonder who you are but that secret is mine;

I could lie and say that I’m just fine;


But God knows I still wish you were here with me every night;

I’d trade it all just to rewind time;

And replay the moments you were mine;

Or go back with this renewed mind;


I wish I wasn’t so blind;

So I could have seen you were truly a once in a lifetime;

Since you and I girl love has been so unkind;

Maybe it’s what I deserve for making those precious eyes cry;


You were all I needed, my everything;

You were an angel from up above but I selfishly snipped your wings;

You are my only regret, guess that will always be a part of me


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