I’ve Always Loved You

I’m sorry I ever broke your precious heart,
And your innocent soul I tore apart;
But girl I never knew;
The one that God made for me was you;

How I took for granted your love everyday;
And now i miss that love struck look upon your face;
I never knew one day you’d ever walk away;
Or that I’d realise how much I loved you since that first day;

I miss you so much it’s more than the truth;
Or that the only love I’d never ever forget would be you;
No words could express how I feel inside;
I love you even more than before, although so much time has passed, I miss you being by my side;

Regrets like memories haunt me everyday within my mind;
I wish you knew girl how much I need you here tonight;
Maybe back then I should have made it clear;
Guess you never knew how much I really needed your love here;

I treated you so bad;
I blame it on all the past love I’ve had;
I know it was unfair towards you;
But I was just another blind fool;

But now that I realise a love like yours is so hard to find;
I wish I could love you just one more time;
Girl im so sorry for all those foolish lies;
That you pretended to believe but knew the truth all the time;

Now you’re so far away;
And you’ve found another man and reality has become a nightmare im forced to face;
God and I have this argument almost everyday;

Why was I so blind when He chose to send you my way;
I wish I did right by you;
Cause every girl since have been simple substitutes;
Trying to replace a love that they never could;

In other words girl I still miss you;
Things I never did or said when we were together, things that exposed the truth;
And the truth was that I’ve always loved you;
I wish you knew

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