Thank You For Saving My Life (Dedicated To Elzano Cloete)

You found me at the bottom of a bottle;

Drowning in the depths of my sorrow;

A stranger gone too far to forgive;

A man dying with no will to live;


Then you held me so close to your heart;

And you told me it’s going to be alright;

You’re the reason that I’m still alive;

These are more than just words that I write;


So thank you for saving my life;

You came to me and picked me up from the sand;

You wiped my tears away and told me that you understand;

Guess you were my guardian angel, a part of God’s master plan;


We’ve been best friends ever since that day;

16 years now and the bond just gets stronger every day;

The love I have for you never changed;

Even though I’ve moved miles away;


I tried to call so many times but your number has changed;

I know you must think I forgot about you and made friends new;

When the truth is I’m alone and I’m really missing you;

I trust no one, I’m sure you always knew;


At times you’re heavy on my mind;

In my room wiping away the tears that I cry;

Regretful for moving and leaving you behind;

I miss having my best friend by my side;


I was always the loud one and you were so quiet;

I always said how I feel and you kept all your feelings inside;

Somehow that combination worked out;

And wherever I was you were always around;

I’m sorry for all the promises I broke that let you down;


If I could, I’d take them all back right now;

And the mistakes I made;

No matter what I did you always treated me the same;

For that I’ll love you always;


Us meeting was more than just coincidence, it was fate;

Looking back now, it was God who sent you my way;

Life’s been unfair to both of us since our younger days;

We cried the same tears, even though I problems weren’t the same;


It’s the little things you used to do that occupied the biggest part of my heart;

You gave my life a brand new start;

Your heart is one of a kind, more precious than gold;

Things I knew but I never told;


I always took your friendship for granted and I’m so sorry;

Hindsight is always 20/20;

I was young and blind but now I see;

How much your friendship means to me;


For all the calls you made that I used to ignore;

I’m so regretful, how now I wish you’d call;

And the next time my phone rings it’s you on the other line;

But it never is and It makes me miss you like all the time;


You were there even before fame called my name;

When everybody said my poetry was lame and I’d never make it one day;

You still stuck around and never cared about what people had to say;

You told me I’ve got a gift from up above;

That I’ll change the world one day, you told me never to give up;


You were my biggest fan before I ever reached the world’s stage;

So I always told myself If I make it someday;

You’ll be the first one by my side;

Cause without you I wouldn’t want the spotlight;


People always judged us in our younger days;

Said we were bound to fail;

But those same people are the one’s who now hang onto every word I say;

Luckily I’ve lived long enough to spot the fakes;


Thank you for always being the you God made;

Even if at times you hated your silent ways;

If you ever changed who you really were we wouldn’t have been best friends today;

And I’d have ended my life, you are the reason I never chose to go that way;


Zano, you are more than just a friend, you are a brother to me;

Even though I’m no longer around like I used to be;

In my heart you are always close;

You are the best thing God did, for you I thank Him the most;


Do you remember the first poem I ever wrote;

It was to thank you for always being my friend;

“You are like the brother I never had, I wish I met you sooner maybe then my life wouldn’t have turned out this bad”, You always loved that one my friend;

So thank you for being there even when I hurt you so;


Thank you for never walking away or letting go;

Thank you for being there in good times and bad;

You are the best friend I ever had;

I thank God He made you, you might not mean much to other people;


But my friend you still mean more than this world to me.



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