You Said

Nigga you said you’d never leave my side;

Then why am I here alone speaking on this cold mic;

Telling those in front of me about the best times of your life;

I shouldn’t be doing this alone but now I’m forced too since you died;


Tears are rolling down my cheeks as I remember our good times;

I’m a man of many words yet this is so hard for me to explain;

My best friend passed and even though it wasn’t my fault,nigga I feel blamed;

You were always there my nigga and I never thought that would change;


I’m watching your mamma weep;

You always said she was the only reason you had to breathe;

I wish I was in Heaven now with you so I wasn’t forced to speak;

You always asked me to talk if you ever die before me;


My nigga, yes I admit I always agreed;

But I’m lost for words and my tears are blurring my written speech;

I never thought that this day would come;

That I’d have to live without you like the night does without the sun;


Regrets fill my mind as I remember the times when I never appreciated your presence;

How I wish I could take them back now that I’ve learnt about common sense;

You were always there when I had no one;

Now here I am again all alone;


I wish Heaven had a hotline;

So I could call you from time to time;

Or God could swap my gaurdian angel and make that guardian angel you;

Cause nobody else knew me like you knew me;


And as the service ends and everybody leaves;

I know that my pain will never fade and I’ll never find peace;

So I’ll pray to God that one day when it’s my time and I go;

That He sends you to come and fetch my soul;


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