MP Where I Long To Be

People say fame and money changed me;

Yes I agree, I’ve learnt that money don’t grow on trees;

Just because I’ve relocated to GP;

Don’t mean I’ve forgotten from where I once came;


Secunda will always be my first love come what may;

MP birthed me before fame ever called my name;

And I’ll always give MP its props in everything I say;

Even if those that once surrounded me said I’d fail;


I’m a tenacious nigga so I made it anyway;

And although GP is my new home, my love for Secunda will never change;

They were the best memories I ever made;

My very first love that broke my heart;


Me and her used to make love at the “Duck Pond”;

And I must admit;

GP is not for the faint of heart, I’ve never been one to quit;

But ever since I’ve moved here, all I’ve endured was shit;


There’s constant heat from the Metro Police;

And dead bodies on the highway is all I see;

I wish I could return to MP;

Where life was so easy;


Here “friends” I’ve made are all dope fiends;

And at every opportunity them niggas want to do you in;

I’ve only been here for 3 years, but I’ve been shot twice and stabbed numerous times by those I kept closest to me;

Women here I’ve found are A grade ho’s and bitches;

Only chasing white lines and riches;

GP ain’t what they make it out to be;

If I could I’d return to the place that own’s my heart, MP is calling me;

Over time I’ve seen that GP ain’t the place for me;

My nigga’s I miss MP


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