Something’s A Heart Can’t Forget

There are just something’s that a heart can’t forget;

And loving you is something I haven’t been able to forget ever since you left;

You captured my soul ever since the day we met;

And since then on you my hearts been set;


You showed me that real love wasn’t based on pain;

And ever since, I’ve never been able to find love like ours again;

Now days girls make love out to be a game;

And I’ve lost every time that I’ve played;


Where is the kind of love I once got from you?

A love that was so true;

When we met girl I was still a prisoner of what used be;

So I couldn’t give you the best of me;


I was a causality of love’s cold war;

I was blinded by the pain that you never saw;

I admit I should have told you the truth;

But I was so used to losing love and girl I didn’t want to lose you;


So I pretended to love you and lead you on;

I wish I knew that you were the one;

Then I would never have done you wrong;

But now it’s too late;


And I can’t get back our yesterdays;

I’d take back all the times I made you cry if I could;

I’ve tried changing your mind, but girl you just refuse;

You say that I should have weighed up the costs;


Before I ever hurt you and your love I lost;

Girl life doesn’t have a guide book;

I wish it did, then I’d still be with you;

But since it don’t then I’m sitting alone in my room;

Looking out the window as tears fall from my eyes;


The same tears I once made you cry;

I used to choose my friends above you;

And wasted time that I should have been using to love you;

Now all those friends are gone and I’m all alone;


Wishing you’d be the next one to call me on the phone;

Every time it rings I rush to pick it up;

Hoping it’s you but it never was;

So I argue every day with God above;


Asking Him If He knew I’d be blind and I’d do you so wrong;

Why did He send you at all girl?;

Yes you opened up my eyes and it’s a hard lesson that I’ve learnt;

But this lesson was unnecessary and girl it hurt;


I am finally the man you always wished I’d be;

But who do I give this man to now that you no longer next to me;

I treat girls like I should have treated you;

But they play the game of love and yet again I loose;


Is this Karma’s way of paying me back for all I put you through;

I’m not sure, all I know is that I’m still in love with you;

I only realised how much I loved you the day you told me that we’re through;

God turns a deaf ear whenever I pray about you and I;


Asking Him to send back the only love of my life ;

Although you’ve found someone new, my love for you has never died;

When you left you set the bar of love far too high;

Girls can’t reach that level no matter how hard they try;

I thought I’d forget you after all this time;


But I still remember everything we shared as if it happened last night;

I know you tried being friends and it failed;

I can’t just be friends with the girl who once stole my heart away;

You still mean more than this world to me;


And at times I still find it hard to breathe;

Whenever our song takes me back in time and I’m haunted by what used to be;

I come to realise that we may never get to love here again on this side of Heaven;

But when I die I asked God to give me the chance to love you once again;


So I can take the chances I never did back then;

Cause I’m sure you were the girl that was made just for me;

How can I be so sure people might be thinking;

I’m sure because love was never as perfect as when you once loved me….


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