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Just Once More

Girl I need you close;
I miss you so;
Guess it’s true, you reap what you sow;
Or that’s how the saying goes;

Seeing your beauty everyday is what I miss most;
Should have done more to convince you not to go;
I even miss our fights, not just good times but even our lows;

My knees are glued to the floor;
Asking God for another once more;
Every time the bell rings I hope it’s you at the door;
But it’s just some girl I used to know;

Girl I’ve learnt my lesson I don’t want to live alone no more;
Every time the phone rings I hope it’s your call;
Never is so I guess you don’t miss us anymore;

My mind plays tricks on me I imagine that girl was you I saw;
God bless the day you were born;
You changed me from the mess I was before;

I loved you once;
Could I just love you once more?

Every Year Every Christmas

Months have passed;

So Christmas time is close;

The one time of the year I miss you the most;

A year ago this time I had your love so true;


But it won’t feel like Christmas without you;

Who will make me smile like I used too;

No one to spoil just because;

Winter will be twice as cold without us;


Been single since us two;

My choice, was done trying after you;

Alot have tried, but I just wave then smile;

Im over us, I just miss you from time to time;


I rose from my last fall;

Much better than I was before;

Your love matured me much more;

Even if you closed my hearts door;


Tears sometimes still fall;

But I’ve picked up my heart from off the cold floor;

So in essence I’m all good;

But my best friend, I still miss you….


The Reason Why

Been years since we talked girl you and I;

Since you left I’ve changed my life;

I’m not the same guy;

The only thing missing was my smile;


But since we started talking;

I can’t stop smiling;

We talk now as if we just met;

Even though years ago our love story came to a sudden end;


I at times reminisce about us back then;

Wishing to be more than just friends again;

I look at you now, how could I have been so blind;

This 5 star stunner once used to be mine;


Loved me 24/7 through the pain never left my side;

I’ve never stopped missing you I can’t even lie;

I try but you can read between the lines;

I know I’ve been replaced by another guy;


I know you miss me too even if you try to deny;

I know you too well, I can see through that disguise;

I know it’s hard to to trust me after all the times I made you cry;

But years without you, you’re the only one for me I’ve come to realise;


I’m just askin for you to try;

Then let your heart decide;

You bieng gone has up and flipped a 360 in my life;

Had alot after you, if you’re not the one then why do I still dream of you at night?;


Why have I forgot every other girl, but for you I still have this fire;

You’re still my heart’s only desire;

I’ve got it all, money, cars, girl’s at my every touch, this VIP lifestyle;

But when I’m alone in my room it’s only you on my mind;


I don’t need any of this, I’ll trade it all just to have you as my girl again;

If I loose all this I can work and get it back anytime;

But I lost you and nothing I have or do can bring you back again;

See how I’ve changed my state of mind;


You’re the most valuable thing in my life;

I saw it only after you left me that night;

You leaving wiped away my smile and since I just ain’t been right;

But since today, my reason to smile has come back, you’re that reason why…..

Unanswered Questions

Left me with unanswered questions;

A broken heart and lonely nights not too mention;

Things I never said;

Haunt me when I go to bed;


Middle of the night awake I sit;

When the full moon is lit;

Memories of you tearing me up bit by bit;

Found it easy to say goodbye, but hard to quit;


I see you around;

When I do my heart hits the ground;

I try to talk by my words echo without a sound;

Wish you stuck around;


Love is something that can’t be forced;

Especially if it ending was all my fault;

Days and nights feel the same, forever cold;

Young but I still feel old;


Soul is mine but it feels sold;

I push reset but it fails to submit;

Time was never meant to count back;

Without you my life always seems to lack;


Mindset on you so I’m forever off track;

I’ll trade all I own just to have you back;

Where are you now;

Wondering if I invade your dreams somehow;


Needing you close;

Your beautiful eyes are what I miss most;

When they shine, Heaven bows and takes a toast;

Sorry for the games I played;


I know it’s far too late;

Your feelings I ignored;

Selfish, so it’s my fault;

Remembering how sexy you was;


Little things you did for me just beacuse;

I wish I had one more last chance;

Cause I’ve done the time and paid the cost;

Without you my soul feels lost;


So on the real, here goes, I am like breath without the air, senseless;

I had a few after you, but you are the only girl I miss;

They all lack the spark of your endless kiss;

They are like falling stars without the wish;


So girl I need you by my side;

You are the cornerstone of my life;

Although now you are another’s wife;

I can’t quit you, for years I’ve tried;


My heart refuses to believe my mind;

It can’t be fooled by all my lies;

Please come reveive my heart before it dies;

Come stop these tears before I cry…

Heaven’s Only Wings

When you left you promised you wouldn’t be back again;

Yes that same day I lost you my friend;

The day my heart fell and soul went dead;

When Forever and a day came to a sudden end;


You left me in a broken home;

I had no choice but to stand alone;

Never chose this, you wanted to be gone;

Sitting by myself, scrolling through pictures of you on my phone;


I gave you everything;

You never lacked a thing;

But you left me with less than nothing;

Only had tear stains on my cheeks and endless pain;


Been almost a year since that day;

So what made you come back this way;Never expected you to push your pride aside after all the hurt;

Thought the bridges between our hearts you up and burned;


I’ll never be back were your famous last words;

So leave me alone;

Never want to see you again;

I don’t want to hear you just made a mistake;


It’s far too late babe;

I’m sorry you were to blind to see;

I treated you better than a King would his Queen;

You saw too late that I treated you like heaven’s only wings….


Who Knew

Girl it’s been years since you walked away;

Our song still reminds me of that day;

How much I’ve grown, how much I’ve changed;

Became who you wished I’d be even though it came too late;


Today I sit and reminisce;

About that once in a lifetime girl I missed;

So focused on the past, I mistreated God’s gift;

After you, I promised I’d never let another oppourtunity slip;


Treat every girl like heaven’s only wings like I promised;

Never hurt any girl since;

So even If you’re my only regret;

Because you loved me through the pain every girl after you enjoys the benifit;


I cry at times wishing I woke up just one day before you left;

Wishing I had this knowlege back then;

Never had a dad who cared, I know that’s no excuse;

But that’s one of the biggest reasons I ran you through;


I was a baby raised in broken home, where love was expressed through pain, the only kind of love I ever knew;

I didn’t know how to treat a woman, no one ever taught me how too;

I learnt as I went, I was ran though by the girl before you;

So I was still stuck in the hurt of yesterday, guess you never knew;


Who knew the one girl I ran through;

Would be an angel in disguse called you;

Sent by God to ease my past pain;

Who knew that kind of true love would be so hard to find again;


Never hurt another regardless how they do;

Before I react I’m reminded of the day I lost you;

So I stay silent, tears fall I kiss her and walk away, keeping the promise made because of you;

The other girls laugh, thinking I’m just a fool they can walk over and use;


But if they could only read my mind, if they only knew;

The cost of me treating them as good as I do;

The reason they get a man who women beg God to send, is all because of you;

Your broken heart was never wasted, your love made the impossible come true;


The world gave up on me said I’ll never change, but who knew;

God removed the impossible and the angel He chose was you;

I’m sorry for the tears and pain, if only I knew;

I’d have held you close and never let you get away;


Who knew you’d be so hard to be replaced;

Beauty and true love, girl they don’t make them like you;

That’s how I know You were sent from above, your love was the truth;

After us, i’ve had a few, treated them like I should have treated you;


Even though I did it all right, it still fell through;

Guess those girls never had real love the way I had with you;

Who knew, someday our roles would swap and now I’m crying the tears I forced on you;

Today I sit and wish for a girl like you, but God only made one so I’m forced to substitute;


An angel from above sent to show me how to love;

Who knew that angel would be you…


Crossed My Mind

Babygirl I thought of you today;

Wonder If I ever cross your mind in the same way;

Though it’s been some time since we went seperate ways;

I miss our past days;


You cross my mind from time to time;

It’s not that I want you back,I just wished we never crossed the line;

I miss my friend the most;

A confidant I could turn to in troubled times and not your ghost;


I haven’t told you this due to a prideful heart;

Kept it to myself because it don’t matter since we been apart;

Beauty like yours has been hard to find;

Guess it’s one of the reasons you often cross my mind;


Roses 24/7 your face is heavens reflection;

Your love was more than just affection;

Do you remember these lines;

The first one’s I wrote to you when you became mine;


You were gold in the slip stream I surely missed;

I always knew since that first kiss;

I some how know I’m not really missed;

But I look at the falling stars and you are still my only wish;


Looking around for any sign;

That the Lord might once again make you mine;

But it seems to be a trick my heart tries to play on my mind;

But my happiest times nowdays are those times you often cross my mind….


Wish I

Wish I had the power to remove another’s pain;

Heartbreak is the hardest to wash away;

I’d choose physical pain above it any day;

Wish I could educate men so they avoid my mistakes;


To hold on to that girl before she walks away;

To show them how to love and not play love’s game;

Cause you loose either way;

Wish I could teach women to be patient;


Before they get fed up and change;

To stick with their men and not walk away;

To teach them real love is hard to replace;

To forgive and not leap from lover to lover;


To take time to heal and recover;

You only meet more pain when you replace it with another;

Hurt people, hurt people that’s cold fact;

Once trust is gone it’s impossible to get back;


Wish I could show the world my life movie;

So people can let go of fake lives and live truly;

Regret is a prison within;

Doing time forever cause you can’t escape yourself by any means;


Time only heals but never removes the memories or what you do;

So treat people better than they treat you;

For karma I’ve learnt always collects tears debt that’s overdue;

When least expected it attacks, even if forgotten it never forgets you;


We need change in life today;

Sick of the old ways;

I wish I could be that soldier who can save;

To answer all the pleas of those who beg for a better day….

The Reason I Closed My Hearts Door

You were the first girl in my life;

You were my very first time;

If you knew I wasn’t going to be your only man;

Why did you ever ask me out, I’ll never understand;


I loved you unconditional;

I trusted you without doubt;

I loved you till it hurt;

But my bridges you up and burnt;


Against all odds I gave up my studies for you;

Gave up my dream, cause you became my dream come true;

But you cheated and left me out of the blue;

I had to pick myself up and my broken heart too;


Alone, when I really needed you;

You never cared only played games with my head;

10 years I tried to get you back after you up and left;

Years wasted I can never get back;


Today I wonder what was wrong with you;

See how your choices in life made you loose;

Pain you caused me, pain I didn’t deserve, pain I didn’t choose;

I did nothing wrong, I loved you right all along;


Questions I ask God;

Why did I ever choose your love;

If He knew you would hurt me someday;

Turn my life upside down when you walked away;


Things you did still hurt me today;

I’ve never loved the same;

Never trusted anyone;

Never gave my all ever again;


I see you around and notice how guys ran you through;

Now you’re a single mother used;

You could have had this good life I live now everyday my boo;

You never thought I’d stand again after I gave it all up for you;


When my own family left me disowned;

But I made it, maybe you should have thout it through;

When I moved up and finally let go of you;

You wanted me back, but I refused;


Could never allow you to break me again;

Like you did way back when;

Maybe it was not your fault;

Maybe I was saved from even more pain by God;


Things you did in secrect, things I never knew, I’m sure He saw;

Looking at you today, I’m glad He allowed you to break my heart;

Who I loved and who you really are are two worlds apart;

I was blinded by love because I gave my all;


I made it without education;

I made it with hard work and pure dedication;

So thank you for leaving me when I had no one else;

I picked up my life all by myself;


Cause of the pain you brought I’m doing well;

I made it to Heaven even when you put me through hell;

I contemplated suicide before I was even saved;

Before I knew God, He came and stopped me that day;


I never wished you the same pain;

Life has laws, you live by the choices you make;

I begged Him to send you back someday;

I’m so happy He ignored me when I prayed;


Even though I pleaded with tears streaming down my face;

He saw my tomorrow, while I only saw my yesterday;

By the looks of things, seems like you paid for your mistakes;

Maybe you got more than your fair share of Karma’s payback;


I never wanted it to end up this way;

I wanted to love you forever and marry you one day;

Got your date of birth tattoed on my right arm;

So you will always be a part of me even when I’m gone…

Thugs Are Born

Thugs are born;

Cause fathers were never there and left a young nigga on his own;

Needed love from a dad;

But he dipped, so mamma was the only love we ever had;


Turned to the street;

Place where fatherless kids meet;

Thug life family;

Used drugs to subside the pain;


Promised never to love again;

Violence on the block never cease;

Wouldn’t be this way if my father loved me;

Forever hated by police;


Never understood peace;

Always bringing heat, though I’m innocent, Narcs wanna arrest me;

So I was born to be a thug nigga;

Hard to carry on when nobody loved me;


I may have a job and a fly car;

But street life is never far;

So when I’m stressed;

Return to my niggas to undo this mess;


Nigga’s always got my back no matter how far I roam;

In times of trouble, just reach for the phone;

Niggas always answer and are ready to roll;

That’s why I love the hood;


Showed me the love I wish my father would;

We ain’t killers, just young niggas misunderstood;

Came from a life of abuse;

Trying to live free, Asking “Dad where were you?”


But I’m glad I never had a dad;

Taught me to be street smart;

So I could get the best of life when times got hard;

Education is all good;


But life happens at the end of school;

So I’m always one up on the rest of you;

When life makes you cry;

I sit back and smile;


Cause while you were schooled by books I was by life;

I earned respect everwhere I go;

Niggas as I pass screaming ” Awam Kribo”

So to those who don’t know;


Thugs are born and raised by the street;

I never chose this Thug Life;

This Thug Life chose me.